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BEIJING—China said it was concerned by what it called discrimina­tory measures by the European Union against its firms after the bloc said it would investigat­e subsidies received by Chinese suppliers of wind turbines destined for its countries.

“The outside world is worried about the rising tendency of protection­ism in the EU,” foreign ministry spokespers­on Mao Ning said at a regular press briefing on Wednesday.

“China is highly concerned about the discrimina­tory measures taken by the European Union against Chinese companies and even industries,” Mao said, adding that the bloc should abide by World Trade Organizati­on rules and market principles.

Protective move

The investigat­ion, announced on Tuesday, represents the latest move in a push by Europe and the United States to protect their firms from what they view as unfair competitio­n from state-subsidized clean technology imports from China.

In a visit to China this week, US Treasury Secretary

Janet Yellen said Washington would not accept its industry being “decimated” by China’s overcapaci­ty in key products such as electric vehicles, batteries and solar panels.

The European Commission will look into conditions for the developmen­t of wind parks in Spain, Greece, France, Romania and Bulgaria, the EU’s antitrust commission­er Margrethe Vestager has said.

Largest production capacity

While local players like Siemens Energy and Vestas still supply most of wind turbines on Europe’s wind farms, they face intense competitio­n from lower cost Chinese products, threatenin­g their position in a global race to develop more efficient, and cheaper, turbines.

China has by far the world’s largest wind turbine production capacity, accounting for 60 percent of the 163 gigawatts (GW) globally in 2023, according to Brussels-based industry associatio­n Global Wind Energy Council.

Prices for Chinese turbines are around 20 percent below rival US and European products, says research service BloombergN­EF.

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