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The ‘martyr’ in Enchong Dee

- By Marinel Cruz @marinelcru­zINQ

Enchong Dee, whose last big screen performanc­e was as the martyred priest Jacinto Zamora, said that if he’d be given a chance to change one of the Filipinos’ known traits, he’d want them to love their country more.

“I wish for greater love from every Filipino for our country. If you love a thing, a place or a person, you will not do anything to harm them. You will also protect them from thieves and will do all you can to make sure they prosper,” Enchong told Inquirer Entertainm­ent.

‘Good follower’

I wish for greater love from every Filipino for our country. If you love [something], you will not do anything to harm it

Enchong was also asked to share his views on martyrdom and whether or not being a martyr is a characteri­stic that can also be used to describe him as a person. “I’m such a good follower that if you order me to do something, I will give my 100 percent as I try to follow your order. But at the same time, I was raised by my parents to have my own thoughts and capacity to think. I’m also a very rational being. I know how to differenti­ate what is right from what is wrong,” he began.

“So, even if I’m part of a certain community, for example, the Catholic Church, yes, I will follow, but I will also know where to stand. I will try my best to live my faith, with my knowledge and wisdom, because it’s difficult for me to achieve something if I don’t understand and accept it fully,” he pointed out.

Enchong continued: “Would I consider myself a martyr? I guess I would if 150 years from now people would mention my name in relation to the good things I’ve done for this country. I always believe that while you’re here on earth, you might as well do something good.”

His historical film “GomBurZa” follows the lives of Mariano Gomez, Jose Burgos and Jacinto Zamora, three native Filipino Roman Catholic priests executed during the latter years of the Spanish colonial era in the Philippine­s. This project—a Metro Manila Film Festival entry— which also stars Dante Rivero and Cedrick Juan, is now streaming on Netflix.

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