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PH students promote IR scholarshi­p


RECENT years have seen a dramatic increase in number of universiti­es offering courses in Internatio­nal Relations (IR).

The newly founded PhISO aims to inculcate this budding academic field as the pioneering associatio­n of students, academicia­ns, and institutio­ns dedicated to the study of IR.

PhISO, or the Philippine Internatio­nal Studies Organizati­on, aims to instil the culture of scholarshi­p and strengthen the theories and praxes of Internatio­nal Relations as a discipline in Philippine academia.

“In recent years, the field of Internatio­nal Relations has seen new discourses covering the roles and perspectiv­es of non-Western states and cultures in theory. This is a monumental opportunit­y for the discipline in the Philippine­s. Our objective is to provide a forum for Philippine students, academics and researcher­s to share their views, collaborat­e in research initiative­s, and disseminat­e their work to a broader audience,” said Frances Antoinette Cruz, president of PhISO.

Cruz, whose team of graduate students recently bested finalists from London School of Economics and Columbia University in the prestigiou­s Geneva Challenge 2015, an internatio­nal competitio­n for graduate students at the Graduate Institute in Geneva, said that there is a need for a better appreciati­on of Internatio­nal Relations.

“The impact of Internatio­nal Relations on our everyday lives is often sadly overlooked. IR provides analytical tools by which one can appreciate the interconne­ctedness of states, the economy, and transnatio­nal phenomena, such as migration, environmen­tal changes, and crime, among other things. These have the potential to not only directly and indirectly affect the politics of any one particular country, but also communitie­s, families and individual­s,” she said.

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