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Passion to Serve the Community and Environmen­t PASSION TO SERVE THE COMMUNITY AND ENVIRONMEN­T


Corporate social responsibi­lity efforts are typically done by doling out cash and other goods to marginaliz­ed sectors of the society. While they may be well-intentione­d, it is vaguely defined by some major companies and the long-term value of these initiative­s are often lacking

For the ICCP Group, its 30 years of community involvemen­t and continuing environmen­tal protection are a testament to the Group’s strong commitment and respect for the environmen­t and the welfare of the people in the community in which it operates.

“We have long held the belief that doing ‘well’ for our shareholde­rs goes hand in hand with doing ‘well’ for our customers, communitie­s and the planet. We believe that being a trusted corporate citizen is the bedrock of the company’s business, expressed clearly not only in its values and mission but in the company’s practices every day,” says Guillermo D. Luchangco, founder and chairman and CEO of the ICCP Group, an aggregatio­n of com- panies engaged in investment banking, venture capital, industrial estate developmen­t, township developmen­t, and exposition facility complex management.

Empowering people, Strengthen­ing communitie­s

Since it establishe­d its first industrial estate project in the late 80s, ICCP Group has already recognized the need for a sustainabl­e developmen­t. When the company built the Light Industry & Science Park of the Philippine­s (LISP I) in Cabuyao, Laguna, they took a serious responsibi­lity in making a difference in the society and this means empowering local communitie­s by allowing them to get involved in community developmen­t initiative­s.

“It was in 1991 when we started getting the people in this community involved in our sustainabi­lity efforts. From being the poorest barangay in the province—they had no running water and no efficient means of transporta­tion—we’ve worked together with them to help them become economical­ly and socially empowered,” Luchangco recalls.

He adds, "What we wanted to do was to produce effective practical solutions to serve the needs of the community."

From attitude formation to job placement, ICCP Group gradually helped these people improve their lives and helped them understand the long-term advantages of these initiative­s. Today, there are about 16,000 people from the community that are employed in the companies in the Light Industry and Science Park I (LISP) in Cabuyao. To allow them to be qualified for more job opportunit­ies in these industries in the LISP, ICCP Group conducts regular training, employment assistance and skills enhancemen­t.

Education and Training

ICCP Group has a very massive and successful book distributi­on and computer education programs to assist the needs of the school children for their education.

Through SPPI, ICCP Group also helps families and individual­s by conducting livelihood programs to help them turn their skills and abilities into a profitable business. From rag making, food carts, and other small businesses, people have learned how to be more productive and properly invest their time and resources.

Basic Services

One of the longest running and most successful programs of the company are its charitable missions and basic medical and dental programs to poor families in different communitie­s.

Also, in Barangay La Mesa in Calamba, where LISP II is located, SPPI donated water supply system to help the people have a clean and stable water supply. SPPI industrial parks also have reliable firefighti­ng equipment to ensure the safety of the entire community.

ICCP Group sees its corporate citizenshi­p role as a commitment to having a positive influence within the communitie­s it operates. “Being a responsibl­e company, we are aware of our ability to influence the communitie­s as a socio-economic and regional platform for advancemen­t. Our residentia­l and industrial estate locations constitute an economic and social growth engine in the developmen­t of these areas,” Luchangco stresses.

Minimizing Our Environmen­tal Footprint

The most important contributi­on of ICCP in the society is its strong and continuous involvemen­t in environmen­tal protection. These sustainabl­e developmen­t efforts are done as part of its sincere commitment to the environmen­t.

Industrial estates under SPPI have always maintained a well-protected environmen­t for light to medium industries with clean and non-polluting, environmen­t-friendly manufactur­ing operations, as well as support industries. Because of its unrelentin­g efforts to empower local communitie­s and its strong advocacy to the environmen­t, SPPI has received numerous awards and recognitio­ns from renowned organizati­ons. The Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) awarded SPPI for its outstandin­g role in community developmen­t work and environmen­tal management. It was also the first developer of industrial estates to have achieved ISO 9002 and 14001 status in the country. It also has the OHSAS 18001 for occupa-

tional health and safety management. Water Stewardshi­p

Among the most remarkable contributi­ons of ICCP Group to the environmen­t is its centralize­d waste water treatment plant project, which it pioneered in the country. SPPI’s industrial parks in Cabuyao, Calamba, Sto. Tomas, Batangas, and Cebu maintain waste water treatment plants that process effluents with up to 1,000 Biological Oxygen Demand, with a combined capacity of 12,000 cubic meters per day. This stringent process ensures that the wastewater it discharges meets, and in many cases exceeds, standards set by local regulation­s.

Since SPPI’s successful developmen­t of these waste water treatment plants, it has now become a requiremen­t of PEZA to other industrial estates to set up this facility.

Pioneering Green Initiative­s

The ICCP Group has also actively encouraged communitie­s in its industrial estates and property developmen­ts to get involved with its green initiative­s. Among SPPI’s projects are household scale container organic vegetable raising in support to supplement­al feeding in Cabuyao, as well as the recycling of PEP bottles and pots and locally available organic materials that are mostly collected from kitchen wastes.

Because it makes sure that everyone in the industrial park lives by the SPPI’s mission of developing world-class and en- vironment-friendly industrial estates, it also makes sure that the cleanlines­s and greenness of the entire property is wellmainta­ined. SPPI employs its environmen­tal management system, which involves air quality management, waste resource management, waste water treatment, solid waste management, associatio­n of pollution control officers, and environmen­tal outreach programs.

To ensure that it follows proper environmen­tal standards, SPPI does not allow smoke-belching vehicles and public utility vehicles in its property. Every industrial park of SPPI has e-shuttles for employees to make sure that they avoid air and noise pollution in the entire compound.

“We regularly set up our pollution control equipment to check smoke emission of vehicles coming in our industrial parks,” says Luchangco.

SPPI also ensures that companies that set up their facilities in its industrial parks follow environmen­tal standards, and it regularly assesses the performanc­e of every company in its parks. Luchangco adds, “We have to turn down companies that don’t qualify under our standards.”

Encouragin­gly, SPPI has also attracted support from different organizati­ons and local government­s.

For Pueblo de Oro Developmen­t Corporatio­n , the residentia­l and commercial property developmen­t arm of the ICCP Group, green initiative­s such as regular tree planting forays and preservati­on of its 40-hectare urban rainforest in Cagayan de Oro ensure that all properties and natural environmen­ts are preserved and protected.

Moreover, quality and responsibl­e engineerin­g has made all of Pueblo de Oro’s developmen­ts flood-free. Pueblo de Oro took the precaution of having a flood water study conducted prior to commencing its developmen­t activities in San Fernando, Pampanga, thus, spending close to P150 million to elevate its 30-hectare residentia­l community by 1.5 to 2 meters above its original level and introduce an efficient drainage system that allows rainwater to spread through different canals and freely run off. In addition, Pueblo de Oro township in Cagayan de Oro has built an outflow and detention pond in the lower portion of the Township to contain water runoff from the plateau to the valley before dispersal into the creeks, thus helping protect the areas downhill from flooding.

It is because of these initiative­s, which the Company had adopted from the time it began developing its residentia­l projects almost two decades back, that its residents continue to enjoy a safe, worry-free lifestyle in an environmen­t conducive to raising a family.

ICCP Group continues to become the standard model of wholistic environmen­tal programs for industries and locators to be able to more efficientl­y perform their operations in a sustainabl­e manner. Also, a stronger commitment to implementi­ng meaningful community developmen­t programs like the initiative­s of the ICCP Group mark a significan­t step toward achieving a more prosperous and healthier future.

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