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Self-loathing, instead of selflove, is not uncommon among young people these days.

Watsons reminds us to give ourselves a little more love with its online video campaign, #lookgreatf­eelgreat (

“Loving myself has always been an ongoing battle, but by surroundin­g myself with people who lift me up, accepting and loving myself became easier,” said youth blogger Alyssa Baña.

Self-love is manifested in different ways. It means taking care of yourself despite the stresses of everyday life. It is more than just looking good on the outside—it is also about taking care of your overall health and well-being.

Beauty and fashion blogger Shayne Naidas said, “Self-love doesn’t come easy for me. I have a broken spine that limits my activities. But I’ve learned that tough situations build strong people, so instead of seeing myself weak for not being able to do things other people can do, I find my own way to cope with the challenges I face.”

“A few years back was a really dark time for me,” said lifestyle blogger Charlene Ajose. “I was giving my all but still kept being rejected, over and over again. Then I figured, maybe I was looking for happiness in the wrong place. So I chose to live in the moment, and stopped thinking about the what ifs, and just focused on the things I know would make me happy.”

Said beauty blogger Phylicia Marie Pineda: “Embracing one’s raw, unedited image isn’t really a thing in the age of social media, but I got inspired by @watsonsph’s #LookGoodFe­elGreat campaign.”

What steps can you take to love yourself more and, in the process, feel great? Here are some suggestion­s:

1) Be aware. It all starts with knowing who you are and what you can do. 2) Don’t be too hard on yourself. You’re not perfect, nobody is. If you are overweight, you can do something about it.

3) Be goal-oriented. List down your goals and think carefully how you can achieve them.

4) Don’t procrastin­ate. So one of your New Year’s resolution­s was to achieve glowing

skin. Don’t wait until the year is over to have a realistic skincare routine based on proper cleansing, moisturizi­ng and sun protection. 5) Realize that you’re not

alone. Many people struggle with lack of time or will to take proper care of themselves.

6) Go back to basics. Before you get into a 10-step skincare routine, remember the basics. Never sleep with makeup on and always use sunscreen on your face and body before leaving the house. The same goes for everything in life. You don’t need 10 designer bags! Concentrat­e on the things that matter, such as family, career and selfimprov­ement. 7) Always take your vitamins. We’re always exposed to the elements. Taking care of ourselves doesn’t just mean caring for our skin and hair. What’s inside matters. Take care of your health, the way you’d take care of your looks.

8) Stay positive. It helps to always look on the bright side. Stay positive and think that while life may seem bleak at the moment, things will get better again soon.

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Shayne Naidas
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Alyssa Baña

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