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The story is told about a for­get­ful man who went to his doc­tor for con­sul­ta­tion. “Doc, my for­get­ful­ness is get­ting worse. I for­get things eas­ily now. What should I do?” he asks. The doc­tor thinks for a while, and says: “The first thing you do is to pay me first be­fore we go on.”


In to­day’s Gospel (Lk. 3:16), we hear how John the Bap­tist ap­peared in the desert with his mes­sage of re­pen­tance, to a peo­ple who have for­got­ten God. God does not for­get us. Let us not for­get Him! Ad­vent is the time for us to re­mem­ber and be grate­ful for God’s great love for us, that He sent His only Son…

———— To­day is the se­cond Sun­day of Ad­vent. To­day, we light the se­cond can­dle of the Ad­vent wreath, the can­dle of peace. Amid so much­stress and suf­fer­ing, let us not for­get to hold on to our God, the source of true peace which this world can­not give or take away.


Happy hol­i­days! For some, Christ­mas is just about the ex­ter­nal dec­o­ra­tions, trim­mings and hap­pen­ings. Christ­mas is not some­thing that hap­pens out­side us, but must hap­pen in our hum­ble, con­trite, grate­ful and lov­ing hearts.

———— Don’t for­get—hap­pi­ness de­pends on “hap­pen­ings” around us, but joy comes from a heart that is truly at peace with the Lord and with the world around us. Wish­ing you not just hap­pi­ness, but joy. ————

Please don’t for­get to make Christ­mas hap­pen not just in your heart, but also in the lives of peo­ple around you. Christ­mas is not just a mem­ory or a cozy feel­ing, but a re­al­ity that must be made present again in our here and now.

———— The names of the big po­lit­i­cal and even church lead­ers dur­ing Je­sus’ time were men­tioned in to­day’s Gospel, like Tiberius Cae­sar, Pon­tius Pi­late, Herod, Philip, An­nas, Ca­iaphas. But they were just men­tioned in pass­ing and in­ci­den­tally. Such is the fate of pow­er­ful and vain peo­ple who for­get God and His peo­ple in their times of power and fame.


Think about this: “Hu­mil­ity is not so much think­ing less of our­selves, as think­ing of our selves less.”

———— My ve­hic­u­lar ac­ci­dent last Feb. 7 this year, and the sub­se­quent med­i­cal find­ings, and the jour­ney with can­cer, are re­minders of God’s good­ness, love and mercy. Yes, to be still around, and to be at the doorstep of Christ­mas 2018, is a beau­ti­ful gift from God. Let us al­ways be grate­ful for ev­ery sin­gle day we are still alive. And let us all live mean­ing­ful lives, the rest of our lives.

Our Mama would have been 96 yes­ter­day, Feast of the Im­mac­u­late Con­cep­tion. She was, and still is, a heart­warm­ing re­minder of God’s gen­tle­ness, kind­ness and gen­eros­ity. Spe­cial­ize in kind­ness and hu­mil­ity. Peo­ple will for­get how in­tel­li­gent, fa­mous, beau­ti­ful or how rich you are, but they will never for­get the kind­ness of your heart.

———— Don’t for­get: “Money can be earned; stupid quar­rels can be re­solved; the life of a loved one is ir­re­place­able; the loss of your soul is your great­est fail­ure.”


A mo­ment with the Lord:

Lord, help us to re­mem­ber, and not to for­get to spe­cial­ize in kind­ness, good­ness and love. Amen.

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