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Since I’m a Parisi­enne trapped in a Pi­nay’s body, I wish I could trade places with Solenn Heussaff. As we all know, she’s half-French and half-Filipino. I en­joyed brush­ing up on my French with her when we met in Ba­colod re­cently. She wasn’t dolled up, so I told her, “T’es plus belle sans maquil­lage.” (You are pret­tier without makeup.)

Solenn is one of the stars of GMA 7’s rivet­ing se­ries “Cain at Abel,” along with Ding­dong Dantes and Den­nis Trillo. The cam­era sim­ply adores her. Even if she’s al­ready spo­ken for, the ac­tress re­mains to be ev­ery guy’s fan­tasy. Elle est BCBG (short for bon chic bon genre); she’s classy, stylish, well-ed­u­cated, and she comes from a good fam­ily.

Merci de ton am­a­bil­ité, Solenn. Tu peux tou­jours compter sur mon sou­tien. (Thanks for ac­com­mo­dat­ing me, Solenn. You can count on my sup­port, al­ways.)

Here’s my chat with Solenn:

What ex­cites you about your role in “Cain at Abel”?

I por­tray Abi­gail, who’s a very con­flicted char­ac­ter. She comes from a good fam­ily, yet she doesn’t know her own worth. She’s al­ways want­ing more and gets bored really fast. It is also my first time to play some­one who’s so maldita. I am noth­ing like her (laughs).

What have you dis­cov­ered about Dong and Den­nis?

I’ve worked with them be­fore and al­ways en­joy shar­ing the set with them. I haven’t learned any­thing new; they are very con­sis­tent as peo­ple and pro­fes­sion­als. It’s such an honor to learn and feed off from their act­ing.

What makes your mar­riage work?

Trust. We don’t need to up­date each other on any­thing. We share what we want, and we have our own pri­vacy. He also makes me laugh a lot, and that’s very im­por­tant.

What’s the cra­zi­est thing you and your hus­band, Nico, have done to­gether?

Prob­a­bly a road trip. We stayed in a car to­gether for five days with not even mu­sic! If you sur­vive that, that’s when you know you mar­ried the right per­son (laughs).

In what ways are you French, and in what ways are you Pi­nay?

I’m French be­cause I love to eat on my own, and I’m very so­cia­ble. Filip­ina be­cause I’m very close to my fam­ily, and I love to help peo­ple.

What’s the naugh­ti­est thing you’ve done?

Sneak out as a teen. I used to climb over the wall to head out and make (laughs).

How would you han­dle it if a girl flirts with your hubby?

If she’s not cross­ing any line, I wouldn’t re­act. Peo­ple flirt all the time. If she tried to kiss him, then she would be in trou­ble (laughs).

If your love story with Nico would be made into a movie, what would the ti­tle be? It’ll be called “For­ever Makes Sense.”

Solenn Heussaff (right) and Nico Bolz­ico


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