Res­i­dent bon vi­vant Mau­rice Arcache cel­e­brates Philip­pine Tatler’s 17th an­niver­sary by rat­tling off some of the juici­est tit­bits from years gone by

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Our res­i­dent So­cial Ed­i­tor Mau­rice Arcache dishes on mem­o­rable wed­dings and fash­ion faux pas as he rem­i­nisces 17 years with Tatler

Has it re­ally been 17 years? How time fl ies, dahlings! ! Fab­u­lously,

Philip­pine Tatler is still go­ing strong, and gets even stronger as the years go by. There are so many sto­ries and mem­o­ries I’ve fea­tured in the past, dear palang­gas. . But there are sev­eral more which are worth re­mem­ber­ing—and and have grown even more en­joy­able in the retelling!

MAT­TERS OF THE HEART Love af­fairs are al­ways the sort of thing that in­ter­est peo­ple even long af­ter ev­ery­one in­volved has ei­ther moved on or grown old to­gether.

Let’s start with what ev­ery­one thought was the wed­ding of that year. Lo and be­hold: it barely lasted two years and high so­ci­ety jaws dropped in shock when it ended. Ah, c’est la vie, mes amies…

Then, I re­mem­ber the per­fect cou­ple who had been to­gether for sev­eral years, un­til a trés char­mant for­eigner came into the pic­ture. The gen­tle­man from over­seas be­came a good friend to the happy cou­ple—and, alors, be­came madame’s lover! Need­less to say that the love­birds fled to his home coun­try be­fore any­one could bat an eye­lash. Last I heard of them, they are still very much in love with each other. Don’t you just love happy end­ings, palang­gas?

Nowa­days, how does any­one keep a mar­riage or re­la­tion­ship in one piece? There is so much temp­ta­tion all around: young and beau­ti­ful Aphrodites swan­ning about, as well as strap­ping Adonises with their gym-toned physiques.

Mon Dieu, what a time to be alive! But I do know peo­ple who have kept to­gether—and hap­pily, at that—de­spite all the tri­als that came their way. FASH­ION DIS­AS­TERS So many high so­ci­ety doyennes are al­ways striv­ing to be in style and they’re lucky to be able to call on the ser­vices of tal­ented de­sign­ers—lo­cal and oth­er­wise—to achieve the per­fect look. My ques­tion though: Is it still stylish if it bor­ders on the ridicu­lous? I’ve never un­der­stood why a lot of cou­turi­ers in­sist on craft­ing gowns that are so long that the mod­els have to lift them up lest they trip and em­bar­rass them­selves. One par­tic­u­lar de­signer proudly showed off sev­eral flow­ing cre­ations at the last Fash­ion Week. The dresses were gor­geous, but they were so long that two of the mod­els had to lurch like zom­bies on the run­way. Alors, one of the girls tripped and landed on her be­hind! She was so em­bar­rassed that she fled the ramp with the skirt of the drat­ted gown bunched up to her knees—ouch! We all re­mem­ber that haste makes waste—which ex­plains the case of this well-known cou­turier who was such in a rush to fin­ish his col­lec­tion that not one, not two, but three of his pieces were held to­gether by safety pins! There was also an­other fa­mous cou­turier who rushed to fin­ish a strap­less gown for a so­cialite. Un­for­tu­nately, he rushed it a bit too much and left the strap­less gown so loose that the poor wo­man kept pulling it up to keep her­self de­cent. It was such a nerve-wrack­ing experience that she left the din­ner to go home and change into an­other eye-catch­ing gown gown—this time done by an up-and-com­ing de­signer. In fash­ion, big­ger doesn’t al­ways mean bet­ter. By that, dahlings, I mean that big de­sign­ers aren’t ex­actly the best. Con­sider the fes­tive car­ni­val that pre­cedes the pres­i­dent’s State of the Na­tion Ad­dress ev­ery year. Lady politi­cians and politi­cians’ ladies are al­ways try­ing to outdo each other on the red car­pet with their mag­nif­i­cent ter­nos, gowns, or beau­ti­fully cu­rated (and some­times themed) out­fits. Be­lieve me, palang­gas, nine out of 10, it’s a young, un­known de­signer who gets the pub­lic’s at­ten­tion. Many of th­ese young­sters are giv­ing older de­sign­ers a run for their money! Much as I would love to go on rem­i­nisc­ing, I’m afraid that there won’t be enough pages for all of the mem­o­ries I have in mind. That said, let us raise a glass to Philip­pine Tatler, dahlings, for many more suc­cess­ful suc­cess­ful—and mem­o­rable—years. Sa­lut!

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