Mark Ritchie, Vaughn Geuseppe Alviar

PLAI Congress 2018 Program - - PARALLEL SESSION -

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There’s been a big change in the way peo­ple dis­cover all kinds of con­tent. Yes, even li­brary pa­trons. Li­braries must trans­form their busi­ness model to meet changes in hu­man be­hav­ior, or get left be­hind. The pre­sen­ters out­line key things that li­braries can learn from com­pa­nies like Net­flix and Spo­tify to im­prove the pa­tron ex­pe­ri­ence— be­cause ex­pe­ri­ence mat­ters: First, li­braries must shift from be­ing col­lec­tion-cen­tric to peo­ple-cen­tric. Sec­ond, li­braries need to re­al­ize that the jour­ney mat­ters. Third, it’s all about the dis­cov­ery ex­pe­ri­ence. These in­dus­try lead­ers learned long ago that while peo­ple are in­ter­ested in con­tent, it’s the way con­tent is dis­cov­ered that’s im­por­tant. It’s time li­braries fol­lowed suit.

Key­words: li­braries; dis­cov­ery learn­ing; user ex­pe­ri­ence; busi­ness mod­els

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