The goal: to be that woman who is greeted with the ques­tion, “How come you still look so young?” Here’s your guide to keep­ing peo­ple cu­ri­ous about how much can­dles are on your birth­day cake.

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KEEP YOUR SKIN FIERCE AND FIRM. Yes to turtle­neck tops but never to turkey neck. Bet­ter keep an eye on the tex­ture of your neck as it tends to sag eas­ily be­cause the skin is thin­ner in this area. Fight turkey neck with EVENSWISS® Re­ju­ve­nat­ing Dé­col­leté

Cream. It is made with the patented Der­matopoi­etin® Pep­tide Com­plex with Milk This­tle ex­tract that rms tar­get skin ar­eas such as the neck, dé­col­leté, and arm area. Mixed with herbal oils and Sorghum Bi­color Stalk Juice, th­ese help re­tain the youth­ful rm­ness, elas­tic­ity, and con­tour of the skin. How about a dé­col­letage for your next event?


LESSEN YOUR WHITE SU­GAR IN­TAKE. Ac­cord­ing to der­ma­tol­o­gists, pro­cessed su­gar speeds up ag­ing as it weak­ens the col­la­gen in your skin. The re­sult: wrin­kles and saggy skin. Ditch pro­cessed su­gar and go for nat­u­ral su­gar from fruits. Al­ter­na­tive use for white su­gar: The tex­ture of your hands speaks vol­umes about your age, too. Mix cleanser with white su­gar and slather it on your hands for softer, smoother skin.


LIVE FOR SERUMS. Work hard, spend harder in serums. One way to up your game in the anti-ag­ing de­part­ment is to hy­drate your skin with EVENSWISS®

Even­tone Serum with the unique Der­matopoi­etin® Pep­tide Com­plex and Non­apep­tide-1 for­mula. En­riched with Nar­cis­sus Tazetta, Bear­berry and Rumex­oc­ci­den­talis herbal ex­tracts, th­ese pol­ish skin im­per­fec­tions as it evens out your skin tone, tar­gets dark spots, and boosts your glow. Com­bine this rou­tine with EVENSWISS®

Re­ju­ve­nat­ing Serum, an­other in­no­va­tive prod­uct that con­tains the unique Der­matopoi­etin® Pep­tide Com­plex with Isoavones and Phy­to­cell­tec™ Ar­gan. Made more ef­fec­tive with an­tiox­i­dants from Malt and Ar­gan Oil, this serum not only tight­ens the skin, it also re­duces wrin­kles and blesses your skin with no­tice­able ra­di­ance. Truly an ideal for­mula for all skin types.

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