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regine may be Asia’s Song­bird, but she is also Bongga Sa Kusina, as her cook­book is en­ti­tled. The book is a com­pi­la­tion of the recipes demon­strated in her celebrity cook­ing show, Sarap Diva. Regine has of­ten said that she only started cook­ing to im­press her hus­band, Ogie Al­casid, but then dis­cov­ered that she had a deep affin­ity for it. “I re­al­ized that when I am cook­ing, I am in the zone.” She also con­fesses, “Even when all the recipes and in­gre­di­ents are in front of me, I’ll end up not fol­low­ing the recipes and just do­ing what­ever! I love cook­ing beef bour­guignon, but I sim­plify it so it doesn’t take so long and it’s not com­pli­cated.” Her cur­rent com­fort food is pasta put­tanesca. “I can go through a phase of eat­ing the same food ev­ery day and then I’ll get sick of it. But I al­ways love Ital­ian food, pasta, sal­ads and cheese. Of course, Tokyo has the best food in the world. But I would love to re­ally ex­plore Spain be­cause of course, I love Filipino food and we have so many in­flu­ences from Spain.”

When asked if she has any food rit­u­als, she thinks for a minute and says, “I al­ways have this mix of patis and suka, the salti­ness and the acid re­ally bal­ance each other. Is that a quirk or a rit­ual?”

For her Pre­ video, Regine belts out the folk song “Ba­hay Kubo” and makes it sound like a love bal­lad and an an­themic hymn all at once. Just as she can blur mu­si­cal gen­res, she has mas­tered mix­ing the in­gre­di­ents of be­ing a wife, mother, singer, ac­tress and host, and make it all work to­gether.

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