Yes, our tech­nol­ogy is fi­nally catch­ing up to the movies.

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TURN ANY SUR­FACE INTO A SMART IN­TER­FACE Be like Doctor Who and have your very own sonic screw­driver, a tool that can con­trol any ma­chin­ery or com­puter it’s ap­plied to. Though it may not be used as a weapon, Welle, a Kick­starter-backed project, is a de­vice that can in­stantly turn any sur­face into a uni­ver­sal re­mote con­trol through a highly sen­si­tive ges­ture al­go­rithm. It works any­where with a Blue­tooth con­nec­tion. Re­tail­ing be­tween $69 to $89, Welle al­lows you to sit back and do things like snap pho­tos of your­self with your ta­ble as the trig­ger. Handy, huh? To use the de­vice, sim­ply place Welle on a flat sur­face and use hand ges­tures to con­trol all your smart de­vices, from lights, TVS, speak­ers, doors and ther­mostats, to cam­eras, cur­tains, fans and more. TRAVEL THE WORLD IN A FEW HOURS Spend less time in tran­sit and make the most out of your hol­i­day itin­er­ary. Fly­ing at around 60,000 feet, XB-1 or the Baby Boom will be the “world’s fastest civil air­craft ever made,” ca­pa­ble of hit­ting speeds of up to 1451 miles per hour. In­stead of a 15-hour flight from Manila to LA, it will now take you half that time to reach your des­ti­na­tion. Boom Su­per­sonic, a com­pany ded­i­cated to su­per­sonic air­line travel, claims its fi­nal prod­uct will be ready in the 2020s. Of course, ticket prices are at a steep $2500 for a one-way ride, but imag­ine all that time you could be spend­ing in your travel des­ti­na­tion in­stead of be­ing cooped up in flight!


Wall-e pre­dicted that the Earth will be an un­in­hab­it­able waste­land with un­breath­able air, and at the rate we’re go­ing, this just might be our re­al­ity soon. Though we of­ten think they’re harm­less, per­fumes, sprays and scented can­dles cause air pol­lu­tion and—gasp—even health prob­lems, since some emit al­co­hol, toluene and ben­zene, which you shouldn’t be in­hal­ing. The Sp­rimo Per­sonal Air Mon­i­tor (sp­ senses air­borne tox­ins and chem­i­cals and can give you a real-time airqual­ity score any­where. Tar­geted to be sold at $40, Sp­rimo is a key­chain­sized de­vice that you can in­sert into your iphone to get air-qual­ity read­ings right away, al­low­ing you to be con­sci­en­tious about your gaseous foot­print. Af­ter all, know­ing how much air tox­i­c­ity we con­trib­ute will help us be­come more mind­ful of main­tain­ing a clean and healthy en­vi­ron­ment.

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