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Once, a friend told me that ev­ery­thing I see in my kitchen that’s white is ac­tu­ally bad for my and my fam­ily’s health, so as soon as I got home, I brought ev­ery­thing “white” out of the cup­board. Upon re­al­iz­ing how much pro­cessed food I had, I was over­whelmed with the task of hav­ing to re­place all of them. My hus­band wasn’t happy with this sud­den decision, since he wanted his rice “white,” among other things. In less than three days, my plan failed. I think be­cause of this, I tried to switch all my beauty prod­ucts to or­ganic ones; in fact, that year I gave ev­ery­one soap from Rit­ual (a store owned by our cover girl Bea Misa). To this day, I still use very few or­ganic prod­ucts, but I’m happy to say I am us­ing them more now than I used to.

I think mile­stones like this, no mat­ter how small, should be cel­e­brated. Per­son­ally, I find go­ing or­ganic a chal­lenge, but there are a lot of amaz­ing prod­ucts avail­able out there. And when I am close to na­ture, I find it helps me be­come more aware of the en­vi­ron­ment. Leon Araneta’s ef­forts to pre­serve a his­tor­i­cal build­ing is some­thing I also find in­spir­ing, but my fa­vorite story in this is­sue is in our ex­ploRED sec­tion, where we fea­ture Rajan, the last swimming ele­phant, in his nat­u­ral habi­tat.

Go­ing nat­u­ral, I think, is not al­ways about what we in­gest; it is also about what we feed our soul. My youngest al­ways brings me home a flower when­ever he re­turns from the park. Per­haps be­ing aware of the beauty of our sur­round­ings can be a start.

Ria Pri­eto

@ri­a­pri­eto: Ev­ery time Dim­itri comes from the park I get a flower. Coca cola red nails by OPI. #kids

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