2017 beauty trends mak­ing waves

A loose pre­dic­tion of this year’s beauty fads sans the all-know­ing crys­tal


Beauty is like a box of choco­lates. It keeps us dig­ging till the same sac­cha­rine high gets tir­ing enough to make us grab a dif­fer­ent as­sort­ment. The same goes with last year’s trends: A storm of vampy lips, multi-col­ored high­lighters, and blunt bangs has swept across the crowd, leav­ing be­hind a flood of fad and gim­micky prod­ucts.

Now we’re reign­ing in a new year, with it comes a slew of new beauty trends. See­ing them stay or fade is part of the thrill, but noth­ing beats the small vic­tory of call­ing out their shelf life be­fore oth­ers saw them com­ing.

Shin­ing, Shim­mer­ing, Over­did

A slip­pery slope started by last year’s strob­ing trend, the as­sault of glit­ter and holo­graphic makeup con­tin­ues till early this year. Sum­mer (at least in Fendi, DKNY, Ro­darte, and Marc Ja­cobs’ run­ways) will wel­come both out­landish and muted sparkle—think rec­on­cil­ing a disco party’s glam code with the dain­ti­ness of a tea party.

Ex­perts (a.k.a. Youtu­bers and your reg­u­lar beauty junkies) say it’s an ode to the flashy ’80s and the re­bel­lious ’90s; I think it’s a case of nos­tal­gia sim­mer­ing down as soon as the deaths of greats like Prince and David Bowie have fully sunk in. We’ve got­ten jaded by flat, matte looks once; it’ll soon be time we run out of glit­ter once the rem­i­nisc­ing is done.

Slick and Span

Blunt cuts have taken cen­ter stage, and its friendly neigh­bor, the slick side part, has come to play. This year is go­ing to be about re­fined sil­hou­ettes on the mane—no mis­be­hav­ing fool­ish hairs, no fly­aways sneak­ing in peek. A man­nish side part­ing has been seen on the S/S 2017 stages of Dries Van Noten, Prada, Givenchy, and Kenzo, all of them clearly em­brac­ing the trend.

This hair­style has more time­less wear­a­bil­ity. Af­ter all, neatly parted hair isn’t just a trend; it’s al­most al­ways a re­quire­ment in the prim and proper depart­ment. It’s not al­ways high main­te­nance— hav­ing awk­wardly grow­ing bangs changes the story, how­ever— and it only needs hair­spray, some clips, and a comb to keep in­tact. A lot of peo­ple will be on trend with­out them even know­ing.

Fan­tas­tic Pro­bi­otics

It’s coun­ter­in­tu­itive to dab on bac­te­ria when, af­ter a full minute of wash­ing, the point of cleans­ing is to elim­i­nate dirt and grime. This year—and the next—is chang­ing all that. Tak­ing cues from Korean skin­care’s ob­ses­sion with fer­mented ev­ery­thing, Western skin­care like La Cul­ture and Vichy are pick­ing up on their ben­e­fits.

Fer­men­ta­tion is said to help make in­gre­di­ents more po­tent and ef­fec­tive, and aids hy­dra­tion, too. For the ad­ven­tur­ous, it’s a fas­ci­nat­ing pos­si­bil­ity that has yet to prove it­self. For the doubters, it can be a fad of­fer­ing so­lu­tions oth­ers have al­ready given. For every­one else, we never know un­til we try. •

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