Macky Fäh masters the el­e­ments of earth and fire in her ar­ti­sanal work

Macky Fäh’s em­po­rium of worldly delights


A sweet, musky scent greets those who step foot into Bi­joux Fäh, the epony­mous show­room of jew­eler and can­dle­maker Macky Fäh; it comes from a smoke­less can­dle softly burn­ing in the cor­ner of the sit­ting area. The aroma makes the place feel even more like the in­side of a jew­elry box, rich in lush tex­tures and shim­mer­ing trin­kets.

The show­room is a pe­tite but far from mod­est space. The am­bi­ence is earthy, what with the ta­pes­try hang­ing on a con­crete wall, the plush green vel­vet couch, and the lit col­umn of Sil­vergil, Fäh’s fa­vorite can­dle. With a scent that’s an elixir of am­ber, pomegranate, vanilla, and al­mond, it’s also the best­seller from Fäe, her line of beeswax can­dles.

It’s easy to de­duce that Fäh loves green. Un­sur­pris­ingly, she’s a Virgo, an earth sign, and she ex­udes a so­phis­ti­cated, wel­com­ing, and al­most ma­ter­nal en­ergy. True enough, she started her can­dle-mak­ing busi­ness while on a two-year sab­bat­i­cal from cre­at­ing jew­elry, when she was ex­pect­ing and then nurs­ing her first child.

“Bi­joux Fäh does not ex­ist when I’m preg­nant. For me, that first year [with my new­born] is some­thing I will not get back,” she says of Fäe’s ge­n­e­sis. “When I was preg­nant, my sense of smell be­came so sen­si­tive that I’d buy all the can­dles. My hus­band said, ‘Why don’t you just make them?’ So I did the re­search and part­nered up with chemists. I wanted [to cre­ate] some­thing that I would buy.”

Each hand-crafted can­dle is made from cosmetic grade beeswax and im­ported wicks, and then pack­aged in rich frosted glass and a gold-em­bossed box. The logo, with its glyphs, tops ev­ery­thing off with an air of luxury.

There’s al­most a fan­tas­ti­cal qual­ity to it as well. Fae, af­ter all, is the French and Gaelic word for “fairy.” From per­fume to pack­ag­ing, Fäe is a whim­si­cal sen­sory de­light. “I guess

at the time [when I was still build­ing the brand], I was read­ing a lot of chil­dren’s books,” Fäh says with a laugh. “The la­bel is also a play on my last name. I was lucky enough that my hus­band has a fun name to play [with]. My friends [call me] ‘fäh­bu­lous,’ they mess with my name all the time. We try to have fun with it.”

Jew­elry and can­dle-mak­ing may seem to be two far-fetched trades to be housed un­der the same roof, but for Fäh, both are dis­tin­guished only by the senses that en­joy them: Where op­u­lent gems con­quer sight, can­dles tri­umph over ol­fac­tion.

“In a lot of ways, they’re sim­i­lar,” Fäh says. “I have to think of what to put to­gether. I have a base, a top, a mid­dle. Some­thing has to be green or a lit­tle earth­ier. It’s a bal­ance.”

Fäh draws in­spi­ra­tion from her sur­round­ings, par­tic­u­larly when she goes hik­ing with friends. She de­scribes the things she’s seen on her jour­neys: vires­cent leaves big­ger than her hands, crys­tal­clear run­ning wa­ter, even the bugs she runs away from have their own beauty. On a man­nequin hand up­hol­stered in lam­i­nated manta ray leather, an emer­ald ring gleams like a beetle bathing in the sun­light.

Some­thing about the fresh air and the ex­cite­ment of a moun­tain con­quered al­lows Fäh to open up, not just so­cially but cre­atively as well. She be­lieves in an aes­thetic that is both re­fined and ver­sa­tile, and cer­tainly with a good amount of gold and beau­ti­ful jew­els.

“If I’ve been go­ing to the beach a lot, you’ll see a lot of starfish and shells,” she says of how her ex­pe­ri­ences of the out­doors are re­flected in her jew­elry. “If I’d gone hik­ing a lot, you’ll see a lot of greens. If I had been in the city a lot, you’ll see more an­gu­lar stuff. I be­lieve that when you look at your sur­round­ings, you shouldn’t limit your­self.”

The jew­elry she makes all starts with a stone—per­haps some­thing given to her by a client or a friend to be re­set into an ear­ring with a more con­tem­po­rary feel, or a col­lec­tion of di­a­monds to be forged into a three-tier ten­nis bracelet. She plays with both met­als and gems, trea­sures sourced from the very fires and ori­fices of the earth. “Aes­thet­i­cally, I find it im­por­tant [for a piece to be] made well,” Fäh says.

There’s fear­less­ness in her ex­per­i­men­ta­tion with col­ors and fin­ishes, a re­flec­tion of her cre­ative spirit, and what emerges is a me­mento that can be passed on from mother to child. “I make stuff that can be kept for­ever. My jew­elry is not just about sell­ing; they’re keep­sakes.”

“I make stuff that can be kept for­ever. My jew­elry is not just about sell­ing; they’re keep­sakes.”

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