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What do you do when you’re not busy with work or school? I play foot­ball at night, usu­ally at the Em­per­ador Sta­dium or at the Ga­torade Pitch. If not, I’m home read­ing stuff. Not re­ally nov­els, but prac­ti­cal stuff. I like read­ing the news. For the past cou­ple of months I’ve been self-study­ing ac­count­ing. Tell us about school. What do you think of the stereo­type of UP stu­dents be­ing very out­spo­ken? I’m a Broad­cast Com­mu­ni­ca­tion ma­jor, my track is Ad­ver­tis­ing. I would say I’m out­spo­ken. I’m not the type to hide what I think. I’m a very frank per­son. If I have this thought, I would tell it right away to your face. I won’t pre­tend to be okay with some­thing I re­ally don’t like. I don’t like go­ing in cir­cles like there’s no point. If I want some­thing, I’m gonna say it. The world would be a lot eas­ier if ev­ery­one was just straight­for­ward. al­ways want to be a celebrity? Did you I’ve told this story about a thou­sand times al­ready, but it’s be­yond my wildest dreams to be a celebrity. Ever since I was a kid, my par­ents would tell me that when I grow up I’m go­ing to do busi­ness, go cor­po­rate, even­tu­ally go into the fam­ily busi­ness, stuff like that. So it never crossed my mind to ac­tu­ally do this whole celebrity show­biz stuff. It started when I de­cided to do some mod­el­ing for fun, for some ex­tra cash. Then I joined this con­test in Eat Bu­laga, and I went trend­ing on Twit­ter! What’s some­thing peo­ple would be sur­prised to know about you? Not a lot of peo­ple know that I’m grad­u­at­ing with hon­ors. Most peo­ple think I have this re­ally goofy vibe. Like I en­joy life, a YOLO type of vibe, but I also work hard—wait, I wouldn’t say I work hard, but I’d say I work smart. I guess I have this very chill vibe, but I put ef­fort in what­ever I think needs to be done. When it comes to dat­ing, what’s your ideal type? As long as we get along… It sounds cliché but that’s it mostly. What’s im­por­tant for me is the emo­tional and in­tel­lec­tual con­nec­tion. We need to be in the at­trac­tive. [Laughs] The per­fect date? I’m very talk­a­tive. I’m one who can talk for­ever. I like sit­ting down with some­one, talk­ing to them, get­ting to know each other. Peo­ple tend to for­get about the talk­ing. They are so into do­ing some­thing like go­ing out, watch­ing a movie. But when you watch a movie, you don’t re­ally get to know the per­son you’re dat­ing, so for me that does not equate to a good date.

As mean an SM for you Youth to am­bas­sador, be young? It’s what re­ally does about it hav­ing fun, but at the same time you have to know that the fun isn’t go­ing to last for­ever. You can have as much fun as you want, but you have to keep in mind that there’s a fu­ture that you have to be pre­par­ing your­self for. I guess you have to be more prac­ti­cal. I’m a very prac­ti­cal How would per­son, you like and I to al­ways be re­mem­bered? have a plan.

Some­one who hus­tles to get to the top.

Richard wears SM Youth. Groom­ing by SARI CAM­POS

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