who’s your dream travel buddy?

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“My boyfriend and I never ac­tu­ally trav­eled in the 14 years we’ve been to­gether. He hates planes.” SHAIRA LUNA Down On The Coast (p.38)

“Michael Cera be­cause he’s Michael Cera.” RYAN MELGAR Drive Slow, Homie (p.6)

“I’d like Co­nan O’ Brien to take me to his re­motes be­fore any­one else does.” CHRYSSA CELESTINO La-La Land (p.16)

“Who needs a dream travel buddy when I’ve al­ready found one in Shin­taro Lopez IRL?” PETERSEN VAR­GAS Video, Fu­turesque

“Kylie Jen­ner be­cause glam team, cool mu­sic on the road, and pa­parazzi.” JU­LIA PETALVER La-La Land (p.18)

“My­self. I’ve been want­ing to try trav­el­ing on my own.” KOJI AR­BOLEDA Fu­turesque (p.28)

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