re­mem­ber­ing the first scout cover ever

Three years ago, we ar­rived, and we brought an EYEDRESS with us


IF SO MANY THINGS can hap­pen in the span of a year, just imag­ine how much some­thing would change in three

ack in 201 , a young team of edi­tors was tasked to put to­gether a mag­a­zine that would cater to mil­len­ni­als, that gen­er­a­tion of the youth ei­ther still in col­lege, prep­ping to go to col­lege, or just made it out alive Af­ter a cou­ple of months, Scout nally ar­rived in July—and on its very rst face was a Filipino mu­si­cian who was both pop­u­lar and ob­scure at the same time

Look­ing back on it now, even if it was some­thing many peo­ple didn’t quite un­der­stand, there was no bet­ter choice than yedress for our de­but cover The idea be­hind Scout when it rst be­gan was that it was go­ing to be an out­let for the un­der­dog cre­atives of our gen­er­a­tion ght­ing from un­der­neath, to re­veal a face of the youth that wasn’t quite ob­vi­ous when you looked any­where else

yedress, a bed­room mu­si­cian who iron­i­cally found his suc­cess in a more ac­cept­ing au­di­ence abroad, best rep­re­sented that Scout vibe That’s clear, now more than ever ou may not have known who he was, and you still wouldn’t have when you rst saw him on our cover, but the fact that he was good enough to go to Lon­don to take he next step in his ca­reer was an in­di­ca­tion that he was spe­cial That this gen­er­a­tion was—is— spe­cial in its own un­prece­dented way, a way that we were all, even our­selves, still com­ing to re­al­ize

Three years later, and a lot of things are no longer the same I’ve sat through and seen all of the changes my­self yedress is back in Manila, still mak­ing mu­sic is lat­est al­bum “Manila Ice is on po­tify, if you’d like to check it out And as you can see, we’re no longer putting the same kind of peo­ple on our cov­ers ome­times, you gotta make the changes you never planned to make ne thing hasn’t changed, how­ever: this gen­er­a­tion’s still spe­cial oung peo­ple are still spe­cial, so long as they don’t let the times beat them down com­pletely

Yes, Julius Valle­dor did have to go all the way to Lon­don to take pho­tos of Eyedress.

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