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Af­ter 11 years in the busi­ness, a real block­buster of a film fest en­try, con­stant TV time, and a lot more to come in the lat­ter half of 2017, Ju­lia Barretto’s hit­ting her best stride—and cheer­fully sac­ri­fic­ing sleep


Ju­lia Barretto is still in her TV makeup when she ar­rives at our cover shoot on a gloomy Sun­day af­ter­noon dur­ing the In­de­pen­dence Day long week­end. Com­fort­ably dressed down in a fit­ted black tank top, tights, and ath­letic san­dals, she en­ters the spa­cious flat in Cubao don­ning an in­fec­tious smile that is a stark con­trast to the stormy weather. It’s been a long day, but Ju­lia is un­fazed. She cour­te­ously greets ev­ery­one in the room one by one—and gives makeup artist Lala Flores a big hug—be­fore quickly sit­ting down to have her hair and makeup done.

As she chats with the team, she re­moves her TV makeup to re­veal a bare face and fa­tigued eyes It’s un­day The only day of the week when she’s not tap­ing her tele­serye A Love to Last or shoot­ing an un­named up­com­ing lm with her on­screen part­ner Joshua ar­cia It’s also the only day of the week that she could have been in bed early; her work sched­ule for the other six days of the week typ­i­cally runs from a m to a m There are count­less ex­cuses she could’ve eas­ily used to get some much needed rest, but she didn’t make any In­stead, she’s cho­sen to come to our shoot, and she even dis­closes that she’s booked for an­other shoot af­ter ours

It’s al­most im­pos­si­ble not to as­so­ciate the name “ ar­retto with the show­biz dy­nasty Any­one who has turned on a tele­vi­sion is well aware that 20-year old Ju­lia ar­retto is the daugh­ter of ac­tress-turned-politi­cian Mar­jorie ar­retto and ac­tor-co­me­dian en­nis adilla, and the niece of ac­tress retchen ar­retto and ’ 0s tele­serye queen Clau­dine ar­retto There isn’t a sin­gle in­ter­view with Ju­lia that doesn’t men­tion the weight of her last name The name she chose over her fa­ther’s stage name, and the one she chose to use de­spite be­ing born Ju­lia Francesca ar­retto al­divia And just like ev­ery­one who has fol­lowed her ca­reer, Ju­lia is con­scious of the grav­ity that comes with her name—for bet­ter or for worse

Though she av­er­ages about two hours of sleep a night, her de­meanor dur­ing the shoot is un­af­fected by her de­mand­ing sched­ule er years in the in­dus­try have trained her to ac­cli­mate to the long hours of the ca­reer she’s de­cided to pur­sue “It’s fun I have no com­plaints I mean, it gets tir­ing some­times, I guess, but when you love what you do, it doesn’t re­ally stop you, she says

Then there’s the added pres­sure of liv­ing up to her fam­ily’s suc­cess It’s some­thing that has be­come both a curse and a bless­ing for her he ad­mits, “I’m tired of be­ing asked all the time, o you feel any pres­sure be­ing a ar­retto?’ he then adds, “I’m al­ways asked that, and it’s the same an­swer ev­ery time

“Ac­tu­ally, it’s bet­ter now than be­fore, she ad­mits, when asked if she feels like she is still in her fam­ily’s shadow “I used to be bom­barded with so many ques­tions about them (her aunts and it’s al­most like, I thought I was here to be asked ques­tions about my­self, not about other peo­ple

Clearly per­turbed by the mere men­tion of her fa­mous last name, she nally perks up when I men­tion that her In­sta­gram ac­count ju­li­abar­retto is the rst re­sult that ap­pears when you search “ ar­retto on oogle he’s thor­oughly sur­prised, and she ashes a grin as she ex­claims, “That’s a good thing how­ing a rare glimpse of her un­guarded self, she’s still hes­i­tant to ad­mit she may have grown to be­come the “main ar­retto of her gen­er­a­tion

Ju­lia has been act­ing since she was nine years old he uses one par­tic­u­lar anal­ogy to de­scribe her life in show­biz, where the scru­tiny can take its toll on her: “It’s like liv­ing in a shbowl—be­ing like a sh that ev­ery­body is watch­ing over; wait­ing for you to make a mis­take and then feast on it It’s so hard to com­mit mis­takes, even though it’s so nor­mal to be­cause you’re young and you’re just hu­man At one point, when a bas­ket­ball ac­ci­den­tally hits her head dur­ing our courtside shoot, she stays quiet and com­posed, seem­ingly un­af­fected by it and by the fans who seem to fol­low her while try­ing to shove their phones in front of her face, ask­ing for pic­tures Ju­lia car­ries on un­til sun­down with the same perky at­ti­tude that she pos­sessed at the be­gin­ning of the day

It’s when the shoot moves to the bed that I catch a glimpse of an un­con­trolled, can­did Ju­lia er shield slips for a split se­cond when she rests her head on the sheets er big, pierc­ing eyes ght to stay open as she tells her­self, “I’m not tired I’m not sleepy e ask her what song we can play to help her stay awake he picks Ari­ana rande’s One Last Time, the same song she per­formed ear­lier that day on ASAP in­g­ing along to the song, she switches back to work mode As I watch her mim­ing dance moves as she sings along, I can’t help but think that her whole life has be­come one big show she’s put on for oth­ers

er lm ca­reer took off last year when she starred in Vince and Kath and James (VKJ) ot only did the lm garner ac­co­lades—like the Chil­dren’s Choice Award at the 20 Metro Manila Film Fes­ti­val and Most romis­ing Ac­tress and Ac­tor from the ox f ce nter­tain­ment Awards for her and Joshua re­spec­tively—it was also the 42nd MMFF’s high­est-grossign lm VKJ was also her rst lm with ex- Pi­noy Big Brother house­mate Joshua ar­cia, fol­lowed by a touch­ing episode of Maalaala Mo Kaya ear­lier this Fe­bru­ary ith a new movie by That Thing Called Tad­hana di­rec­tor An­toinette Jadaone ( Love You to

the Stars and Back as of this writ­ing , as well as ASAP on un­days, and tap­ings of A Love to Last now added to her plate, Ju­lia is busier than ever

hen I see her typ­ing on her phone in be­tween out t changes and hair and makeup re­touch­ing, I ask the in­evitable ques­tion about her pal­pa­ble chem­istry with Joshua ar­cia he looks up and cheek­ily re­marks, “ ou’re try­ing to get some­thing out of me he then pro­ceeds to tell me, “ e’re just hon­est about our feel­ings for each other, and I think that reg­is­ters on screen he con­tin­ues, “I’m thank­ful for all the sup­port from fans, and up to this day it’s still very over­whelm­ing This time last year, I wouldn’t have thought I’d be in the po­si­tion that I’m stand­ing in right now I’m so glad that some­body like him came into my life for so many rea­sons

The duo, dubbed JoshLia by both the in­dus­try and the fans, is on its way to be­ing show­biz’s next “it love team to join the likes of ath iel and Liz uen I ask her what her game plan is with JoshLia “ e don’t have a game plan, we just want to con­tinue be­ing hon­est I don’t even think there’s any point in com­par­ing us with other love teams be­cause each love team has their own magic, she says “Love teams make a lot of peo­ple happy They make a lot of peo­ple be­lieve in love That’s a good thing; they have a good ef­fect on peo­ple, es­pe­cially the younger gen­er­a­tion Joshua and I are just fo­cus­ing on what we have and what we’re try­ing to cre­ate with what we’ve built to­gether I want us to be known as the act­ing love team

he men­tions their up­com­ing lm, writ­ten and di­rected by An­toinette Jadaone, as fresh, unique, and a “roller­coaster ride he’s thrilled about the idea of por­tray­ing a char­ac­ter that is out of the box “I’m play­ing a girl who be­lieves in aliens, she ex­plains, hence the

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