Ifeel like I’ve been say­ing this a lot this en­tire is­sue—although there are only two other sto­ries in here where I could pos­si­bly men­tion it—but damn three years y by re­ally fast

This July- Au­gust is­sue marks three years of Scout be­ing alive It also marks three years of me be­ing on the team es I’m the only one around here now who was part of the orig­i­nal editorial team that started the maga ine in That’s when a guy named yedress a guy good enough to get a look in Lon­don, to say the least, was on the cover of a com­pletely dif­fer­ent Scout from what you’re hold­ing in your hands right now very­thing back then was a lit­tle more cutesy, a lit­tle raw, and some­what un­sure of it­self I look back on that is­sue in the very last page of this one

It was a our­ney that would be both the best and worst in my life Scout, at times, es­pe­cially some­where near the be­gin­ning, wasn’t some­thing I al­ways un­der­stood I cer­tainly didn’t al­ways iden­tify with the artsy, col­lagey in­car­na­tion ut the more time I spent with it, the more I grew with it ver time, I started to get it more, and it de nitely helped that I was able to make it partly my own where I didn’t quite have the space to be­fore, to turn it into some­thing I de nitely be­lieved would leave a mark some­how on those who picked up a copy At least, to im­pact them to the best of all our abil­i­ties—we knew, and cur­rently know, we’re far from be­ing per­fect ut by od, we’re try­ing, and we’re learn­ing ev­ery day

And be­fore it re­ally hit me, those three years were al­ready in the rear view ell, I never even thought I’d get this ob, that I’d get this far o hav­ing said that, I’d like to an­nounce that this is my last is­sue with Scout

It’s been a whole lot of fun I’m thank­ful for the places we’ve got­ten to go to, ev­ery­thing we’ve been able to try, ev­ery­one I’ve met along the way, and the op­por­tu­ni­ties to tell sto­ries That’s re­ally all I’ve ever wanted get­ting into this busi­ness: the chance to re­ally live life, and doc­u­ment ev­ery­thing that hap­pens in it I dare­say I’ve got­ten way more than I bar­gained for—some­times, even way more than I could han­dle

If there’s any­thing I learned about our gen­er­a­tion in my whole time here, it’s that we don’t take life ly­ing down I think it’s a les­son we, across all the dif­fer­ent Scout teams, have learned mak­ing this maga ine ith ev­ery per­son we put in each is­sue, I re­al­ize it seems like we’re more de­ter­mined than other gen­er­a­tions to ght for some­thing bet­ter, to make an­other way when ev­ery­thing the world’s of­fer­ing us just isn’t ac­cept­able If older peo­ple are quak­ing in their boots with frus­tra­tion and anger when they deal with us, it’s prob­a­bly be­cause they’ve al­ways ex­pected it to be nor­mal to stick to the sta­tus quo

And Ju­lia ar­retto, our cover girl for this third an­niver­sary is­sue, is grow­ing into a force to be reck­oned with er great­est ca­reer tri­umph so far came in the form of Vince and Kath and James (VKJ), the en­try that seemed out of place in a Metro Manila Film Fes­ti­val that was highly touted as a much-an­tic­i­pated de­par­ture from the Christ­mas sea­son money grabs of old VKJ turned out to be a solid ex­e­cu­tion of the rom-com for­mula, prov­ing that what we usu­ally ma­lign could end up be­ing bet­ter than we ex­pect, so long as there’s enough willpower for it Ju­lia seems like a true artist who’s look­ing for a dif­fer­ent ap­proach, and it feels like she’s just wait­ing to shed the old-fash­ioned trap­pings of the sys­tem she was born into Like I said, this gen­er­a­tion makes an­other way

Mov­ing for­ward, even af­ter I’m gone, you can be sure that Scout will con­tinue shin­ing the spot­light on all the young peo­ple whose sto­ries you need to hear As long as this gen­er­a­tion con­tin­ues to ght and do well, we’ll be here That’s just the way we’re built, and that’s what we’ve been do­ing since day one

And for a nal re­quest I’d like to make from you, reader of this mag­a­zine and this let­ter right now, it’s to please for­give e, mil­len­ni­als most es­pe­cially, are hu­man e’re not built to be per­fect, and we grew up in a awed world we’re ght­ing to x ev­ery sin­gle day e will trip up, we will make mis­takes whether or not we in­tend to, just be­cause there’s still a lot of work to be done I lament that we’re start­ing to be­come the gen­er­a­tion who doesn’t have it in them to for­give and ed­u­cate es, a lot of things are evil, but more of­ten than not, peo­ple are just mis­in­formed e rm, but kind, ev­ery­one ow more than ever, be kind

ith that, I leave you all with this is­sue, which we hope you do en­joy It’s been ab­so­lutely won­der­ful eace


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