Nick Joaquin’s angsty com­ing of age story Can­dido’s Apoc­a­lypse had this phrase that stuck with me over the years: go­ing for lost. It’s Nick Joaquin’s fun trans­la­tion of nag­wawala, and in my opin­ion there hasn’t been an English word or phrase that has cap­tured nag­wawala’s tenac­ity, much less trans­form it to mean a pur­suit so com­mon in ev­ery young boy and girl across gen­er­a­tions. Go­ing for lost is the pur­suit of some­thing to hold on to as we inch closer to adult­hood: in­de­pen­dence, ma­tu­rity, re­spon­si­bil­ity, and the cyn­i­cism that comes with it. The space be­tween our cher­ished youth and our even­tual de­par­ture from it is far from the well­spring of hap­pi­ness that we gured is owed to us. It can be a place where self- doubt and in­se­cu­ri­ties grow. Some­times we go for lost out of fear of do­ing some­thing we would re­gret af­ter­ward. His ig­no­rant tweets aside, Kanye West hit a chord in me­when he tweeted “live in love not fear.” I take that not only as rolling with the punches, but to work in a way that we’re ac­tively look­ing for value in our lives rather than run­ning from the things that we feel don’t add value in our lives. The best thing about be­ing young, in my opin­ion, is that we have both the time and the pa­tience to gure out who we re­ally are. The best thing about be­ing young now is that all the re­sources to gain more in­for­ma­tion about any sub­ject we’re in­ter­ested in is there. Thank you, in­ter­net. As our print com­po­nent en­ters into a quarterly for­mat, we turn our fo­cus to the dig­i­tal hori­zon. The shift is in­evitable in the cur­rent me­dia land­scape that we are in, but for you and I, it means ex­cit­ing times ahead. Our weekly news­let­ter is back (sign up at inq.news/scout­newslet­ter), our web­site has a new look, and we’re go­ing to in­tro­duce new projects on our so­cial me­dia ac­counts. And that’s not all that’s new: we’re a brand new team, too. Come say hi when you get the chance. We don’t bite.

Lex Cel­era Edi­tor in Chief

P.S. We made a Face­book group called Scout Fam­ily & Friends, to serve as SCOUT’s com­mu­nity hub. We en­cour­age young cre­atives of ev­ery kind to share their work in the group or through the #seenon­scout hash­tag on so­cial me­dia.

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