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Death ride

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ecently, this humble writer discussed in this column about motorcycle­s and the statistics of accidents they get involved. Since the start of their reign as new kings of the road, accidents have claimed a number of lives and limbs. The recent was much saddening because it left four young children orphaned.

The said mishap involving couple motorcycle riders is now a subject matter among riders after the dash camera of the vehicle involved captured the accident and the footage uploaded on the web. The video solicited various comments mostly expressing grief over the demise of the couple after hitting a pick-up truck on a road bend.

It was a Sunday morning when the couple who had their journey from Laguna rides back to their home in

Pasig City through the Marilaque Highway collided with an oncoming pick-up truck. As can be observed from the video, the riders went out of the curved road’s centerline. The pick-up truck, seemed to have turned around after being hit by the rider’s motorcycle. This is a clue that the motorcycle is passing the curve in high speed.

The dash camera is installed at the bumped pick-up truck, the reason why the incident was captured before, during and after it happened. Apparently, it was the rider’s fault of going out of the centerline. It was perhaps due to the fact that the road was a curved one and downhill.

The occupants of the pick-up truck were in disbelief as they were much surprised and in shock, seeing in their eyes the tragic collision. On social media, were the video clip was posted, netizens had their various reactions and comments.

The couple left their young children orphaned.

Imagine the pain they had to suffer due to the loss of their parents. The accident was a simple one but fatal, killing instantly the riders.

The Marilaque Highway is such a deadly one. It has claimed a number of lives due perhaps to its terrain. It has bends with ups and downs. The view is great as motorists can see mountains with clouds sometimes wrapping them. The name stands for Marikina-rizal-laguna-quezon by the way.

The government had already installed various road signs along the highway in view of the number of accidents happening there. Nonetheles­s, the government is still blamed. Its a favorite area for motorcycle riders to ride through. Its a spot of many accidents too.

Perhaps, the number of mishaps should serve as a reminder to riders that they had to exercise extreme caution when passing through the killer road. Having a “ride” is fun and de-stressing. However, driving safely is needed.

Condolence­s to the family, relatives and friends of the couple.

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