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ACROSS 1 speak or call out nois­ily 4 shed feath­ers, hair or shell in the process of re­new­ing plum­mage, a coat, etc. 8 the to­tal ef­fect pro­duced by the out­lines of a thing 11 thin sheets from the pulp of wood used for writ­ing, etc. 14 ex­poses skin to the sun 15 soften flax, hemp by soak­ing or by ex­po­sure to mois­ture 17 im­pel 18 for each 19 bright green pre­cious stone, a va­ri­ety of beryl 22 af­flict / trou­ble 24 Greek God of war 26 proverb 27 a bound­ary line or mar­gin of an area or sur­face 28 anent 29 a large deer with antlers 31 a small pointed tool for pierc­ing holes, es­pe­cially in leather 33 salt 34 hem­or­rhage 36 ve­loc­ity, ra­pid­ity of move­ment 38 per­son’s look or bear­ing as show­ing char­ac­ter or mood 39 gelati­nous sub­stance ob­tained from any kinds of red seaweed, used in food prepa­ra­tion 41 shoot of a plant, a de­scen­dant 43 a long, low-padded seat against a wall; a back­less sofa 46 prepo­si­tion 48 ex­plo­sive 50 adult boys 51 South Amer­ica 52 falls be­hind and not keep pace 54 jum­bled let­ters to read ‘paint’ 57 US Pres­i­dent­trump’s fa­vorite method of com­mu­ni­cat­ing 59 frolic 60 pre­tends to be asleep, dead, or ill; un­aware 62 anger 63 wan / ashen 65 en­coun­tered 66 de­crease in power, vigor, im­por­tance 68 large wa­ter pitch­ers 70 refuge / har­bor 71 grow weary 72 an in­flamed swelling on the edge of an eyelid DOWN 1 for­bid / pro­hibit 2 a large polyg­o­nal re­cess with a domed roof es­pe­cially at the east­ern end of a church 3 you and I 5 the Do­mini­can (catholic) priests 6 praise and ex­tol es­pe­cially in hymns 7 ba­sic vi­tal signs taken in mon­i­tor­ing a pa­tient’s med­i­cal sta­tus 8 unit mea­sure of vol­ume 9 large rab­bit with tawny fur, large ears, short tail and hind legs longer than forelegs 10 wild / un­tamed 12 soft­ened oath 13 hold royal of­fice (as queen or king) 15 pri­mary color 16 la­bel to show its ad­dress, price 18 pull apart 20 con­struct 21 jump or spring force­fully 23 in­cline 25 opts 27 taste­ful and re­fined 30 Rus­sian leader of the com­mu­nist rev­o­lu­tion 32 make fab­ric by en­ter­lac­ing long threads in (2) di­rec­tions 34 ‘again’ 35 clamor / noise 36 turf 37 small buoy used as a marker in deep sea fish­ing 40 young bovine an­i­mal 42 same as ‘at­tar’ 44 prayer leader in a Mosque 45 grat­ify to the full 47 gray with a tinge of brown 49 at­tack / as­sault 51 circe / whis­tle 53 wear away by bit­ing 55 doc­trine / the­ory 56 place / sit­u­ate 58 fer­mented grape juice as an al­co­holic drink 60 fairy 61 cause to lean un­steadily in dif­fer­ent di­rec­tions al­ter­nately 64 al­low / rent 67 ‘hail’/ av­enue 69 se­nior 70 height

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