Gulli­bil­ity, in­do­lence and greed

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have at­tended prayer meet­ings and like most mem­bers of the com­mu­nity con­trib­ute to the col­lec­tion bas­ket that is passed around to­wards the end of the assem­bly. I am happy when I give even if it is only a lit­tle, which is usu­ally what I can afford but I feel sorry when some­one tasked with the of­fer­ing of the gifts in­tones that may our con­tri­bu­tions be re­turned to us a hun­dred-, some­times, even a thou­sand fold.

It was prob­a­bly just an ex­pres­sion of a hope, not a con­di­tion. Still, I found it awk­ward that af­ter ac­knowl­edg­ing that “all that we are and all that we have” are in fact not ours but a gift, we should even sug­gest that they be re­turned to us, and with in­ter­est yet!

I have searched the web for a pos­si­ble Bib­li­cal ori­gin of the sup­pli­ca­tion. Did God him­self prom­ise that what we give in his name, he will re­turn many times over? I was re­ferred to some pas­sages but none of them said about God pay­ing in­ter­est and div­i­dends to­gether with your do­na­tion at some ap­pointed time.

In this sense, Kapa has out­done God. What He has promised to do only in para­bles, the re­li­gious (?) com­mu­nity ex­plic­itly com­mit­ted it­self to do by its very name: Kabus Pada­toon. Com­pared to the prom­ise of re­ward to those who help the poor­est of our brethren, Kapa has a more spe­cific and time-bound re­pay­ment sys­tem: a hefty 30 per­cent re­turn of investment­s every month.

The only prob­lem is that there is def­i­nitely no le­git­i­mate business in the world that can earn that much for its stake­hold­ers. Where will Kapa source the funds? What magic will en­able it to meet the prom­ises it made to, and the ex­pec­ta­tions of, its donor/in­vestors?

Je­sus per­formed a mir­a­cle by mass-pro­duc­ing out of five small bar­ley loaves and two small fish enough quan­tity to feed five thou­sand peo­ple. What mir­a­cle will Kapa pull to pay off its in­vestors? Mul­ti­pli­ca­tion of the coins and pa­per bills?

It was faith that gath­ered the mul­ti­tude to­wards Je­sus. Kapa traded in the gulli­bil­ity and, in some cases, in­do­lence and greed, on the part of its so­called donors.

It was the same gulli­bil­ity, in­do­lence and greed that prod­ded peo­ple to in­vest in Ada and Or­gan­ico, pay­ing the lat­ter P3,600 for a pig that would earn the in­vestor P6,000 af­ter 90 days and P500 for a chick that would net the in­vestor P1,800 af­ter two months.

I would be sur­prised if the in­vestor saw at least one of the mir­a­cle chicks or mir­a­cle pigs or if they ever won­dered how a chick could grow so fast as to be worth P1,800 in sixty days or what magic Or­gan­ico uses to make a pig al­most double its worth af­ter only three months.

Kapa, Ada and Or­gan­ico must have earned mil­lions from their trans­ac­tions. The Bureau of In­ter­nal Rev­enue should be in­ter­ested in find­ing out ex­actly how much.

As for the in­vestors, I hope it’s not too late to re­mind them again that when some­thing is too good to be true, the like­li­hood is that it is not true.*

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