Sun Star Bacolod - - ‘Yuhom! - BY JEDD UY Quasi-writer

THE world is a messed-up place. Ev­ery half-hour your news­feed re­freshes with yet an­other ar­ti­cle or video de­tail­ing the in­hu­man­ity that goes on in a cer­tain cor­ner of Planet Earth. You would be naïve to be­lieve that these are all fake news; af­ter all, when im­per­fect crea­tures like hu­mans try to run a per­fect sys­tem, there are bound to be in­con­sis­ten­cies ev­ery­where. But are we just sup­posed to get an­noyed and lath­ered up over ev­ery­thing? (You prob­a­bly know peo­ple like this, and, most likely, they strike you more as in­suf­fer­able as op­posed to be­ing right­eous). My point here is not to tell you to turn a blind eye to the woes we face as a so­ci­ety. I’m sim­ply try­ing to sug­gest “se­lec­tive car­ing.”

If you re­act to ev­ery sin­gle piece of bad news you come along, your BP would shoot up higher than the New Or­leans Pel­i­cans’ ex­pec­ta­tions for Zion Wil­liamson (that’s an NBA ref­er­ence). If you also choose to cover your ears and eyes to drown out all the neg­a­tiv­ity in the world (as some peo­ple er­ro­neously be­lieve that a “happy” life is the most ful­filled life), you would end up in­dif­fer­ent to ev­ery­thing. As with ev­ery­thing in life, we need to try to strike a bal­ance be­tween #woke Robo­cop and in­dif­fer­ent psy­chopath. Eas­ier said than done, but here’s my sug­ges­tion how.

The one thing we need to do is iden­tify the things we care about. Say your fam­ily and your com­mu­nity (es­pe­cially the kids in your com­mu­nity) mat­ter to you. So when you get worked up over news about the things you care about, peo­ple take you se­ri­ously, and you will prob­a­bly have more en­ergy and re­sources to al­lo­cate to that thing. If ev­ery­thing you see man­ages to deeply dis­turb you at a cel­lu­lar level, you will only end up drained and dis­cour­aged; pick your bat­tles and then charge in with full force.

Con­versely, this will make it ob­vi­ous what we don’t care about. If you want to es­tab­lish a pro­gram for the less for­tu­nate in Cebu, you won’t give a hoot about whether some peo­ple are snick­er­ing be­hind your back and calling you a village id­iot—the thing you care about su­per­sedes car­ing about the opin­ions of oth­ers. You be­come fo­cused, which in this “Jack of all trades” cul­ture is a very rare thing, and for­mi­da­ble—bruce Lee re­minded us to fear the man who prac­ticed one kick 10,000 times over a man who prac­ticed 10,000 kicks once.

So take a good look around at the things you feel you can im­pact the most (news flash: there are lots) and then pick the ones that re­ally speak to you. It’s only through our care and ac­tion that the world can be changed for the bet­ter.*



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