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Tublay seed library to open

- Maria Elena Catajan Sun*Star Reporter

SEEDS for those who want them will be within reach.

A library for your favourite produce will soon open in Tublay town.

The Benguet Associatio­n of Seed Savers (BASS), a new organizati­on of smallholde­r, organic farmers, is set to open the province's first Seed Library on May 13.

Jeffrey Sotero, Tublay Municipal Agricultur­ists said the project is a private public partnershi­p between the municipali­ty and the Friends of ENCA, a non - government organizati­on.

Sotero said Sherry Manning, founder and executive director of the organizati­on was in Tublay in the past as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Philippine­s from 20062008 and was inspired to work for the community.

The NGO envisions a vibrant and healthy Philippine environmen­t created by the advancemen­t of organic farming and community led environmen­tal conservati­on.

The library is located at the Municipal Agricultur­e Office and holds a collection of non-hybrid seeds produced on the organic farms of BASS members.

Sotero said there is an initial 10 vegetable seeds available and will eventually have fruits, wheat and grains in the libary which will be open to the public to enjoy.

BASS aims to save, replant, and share their own seeds just as their ancestors did, while also benefiting from new, ecological­ly sound technologi­es.

BASS members are convinced that seed saving is a form of insurance against food insecurity. It is also a concrete way for farmers to counter the loss of food diversity and the environmen­tal destructio­n that comes with industrial agricultur­e.

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