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“The steps of a right­eous man are or­dered by God.” HETHER man likes it or not, the world is gov­erned by two laws: the nat­u­ral law and the di­vine law. That’s the rea­son why there are things that man can con­trol, and there are things that he can­not. With these two laws, the main ob­jec­tive is the es­tab­lish­ment of or­der in the so­ci­ety.

Nat­u­ral laws are set by man to set or­der in his af­fairs with his fel­low­men, the State and other States. Laws ex­ist in or­der to curb wicked­ness and tame man’s ten­dency to com­mit wrongs to oth­ers. No mat­ter how many laws and how strict they are, how­ever, they are un­able to tame man to­tally. As these laws are made by man, they are im­per­fect as man is not per­fect.

Di­vine laws, on the other hand, are those un­writ­ten yet be­lieved to be gov­ern­ing the af­fairs of men. Though not cod­i­fied, these laws are be­lieved to op­er­ate au­to­mat­i­cally like the law of sow­ing and reap­ing or what oth­ers call “karma”. These are of­ten as­so­ci­ated with moral­ity or a per­son’s spiritual be­liefs.

“It is man’s nat­u­ral in­cli­na­tion to plan his ways, but it is the Lord who es­tab­lishes his steps.” Man is born a nat­u­ral leader, one who has the ge­netic make-up of those who take do­min­ion. As such, he is nat­u­rally geared to take con­trol of the sit­u­a­tions he is faced in life. As such, he plans ahead. Nev­er­the­less, no mat­ter what con­tin­gen­cies he is pre­pared to take, many things are out of his con­trol. This is where di­vine or­der comes in. The man who be­lieves in di­vine or­der says, “The steps of a right­eous man are or­dered by God. All things work to­gether for the good of those who love Him.” A be­liever of the di­vine or­der knows that he/she is not in con­trol of ev­ery­thing in his/her life. He/she rec­og­nizes that life is di­vinely or­ches­trated by Some­one higher than him/her, Some­one who knows and sees the fu­ture bet­ter.


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