Ef­fects of stress and ten­sion


STRESS is ev­ery­where in our daily lives, good or bad, it is es­sen­tial to life but some­times a cause of death. It sweet­ens vic­tory and de­fines de­feat. It re­lieves bore­dom, helps in main­tain­ing life, re­sist ag­gres­sion and adapt to chang­ing ex­ter­nal in­flu­ences.

Stress may be pleas­ant or un­pleas­ant, dam­ag­ing or help­ful. Its ef­fect, es­pe­cially its neg­a­tive phys­i­o­log­i­cal im­pact on our bod­ies, may be long last­ing, and even oc­cur­ring af­ter the stress­ful event has ceased.

The char­ac­ter­is­tic signs of stress may be felt im­me­di­ately for ex­am­ple when some­one’s car nearly col­lides with our own, or both be­fore and af­ter the oc­cur­rence of events, thus, stress ac­cord­ing to ex­perts is caused by many fac­tors like ge­o­graph­i­cal change, so­cial read­just­ment, sud­den sur­pris­ing oc­cur­rences, and even work or train­ing that we feel in­ad­e­quate with.

“Stress is es­sen­tially the wear and tear in the body caused by life at any one mo­ment” by var­i­ous kinds of stres­sors be it emo­tional, en­vi­ron­men­tal, and phys­i­o­log­i­cal, that most likely af­fects the body. Changes in our lives, whether good or bad, cause stress. Stress it­self, whether good

or bad, im­pair the way we live, work and feel.

Stress changes us phys­i­cally, and may cause a va­ri­ety of med­i­cal ill­nesses, some imag­ined and some very real, painful, even lethal. Ex­perts say that in each pe­riod of stress, es­pe­cially from frus­trat­ing, un­suc­cess­ful strug­gles, leaves some ir­re­versible chem­i­cal scars, be­cause, most dis­eases are the re­sult of too much stress.

Stress places a se­vere bur­den on our bod­ies, with spe­cific se­quen­tial re­ac­tions, be­cause when we be­come bur­dened be­yond our stress tol­er­ance, we be­come ill or de­velop emo­tional prob­lems the same that we may suf­fer phys­i­cal break­downs like the ath­lete.

Stress­ful or not, the body al­ways pre­pares for ac­tion any­time and every time, that ex­cites the brain and stim­u­lates the whole body func­tion from the heart to the blood, to mus­cles, for the body to re­act to the present sit­u­a­tion, task, etc. How­ever, where we should re­act, too of­ten in our so­ci­ety in­stead of tak­ing ac­tion or flee­ing-the fight-or-flight re­ac­tion, we merely sit and seethe.

The con­stant sup­pres­sion of this nat­u­ral se­quence puts an un­nat­u­ral strain in our bod­ies, where our fail­ure to re­spond with phys­i­cal ac­tion to stress is the main cause of ten­sion, which can also lead to in­jury.

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