Be chal­lenged! It all starts from zero

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OB­SERV­ING the ob­vi­ous play­ers usu­ally think of los­ing the first time they see op­po­nents play with such prow­ess, some­times even team names be­comes a night­mare for them. In the re­cently opened YMCA In­ter-Club Sports­fest “1st Palaro sa Barangay” play­ers or even coaches usu­ally size up their op­po­nents, blanked by the thought of fear of los­ing just by look­ing at how a team play they usu­ally end up ev­ery­thing with a fin­ger snap of con­ced­ing sighs.

Psy­cho­log­i­cally, these sight of teams dis­turb coaches and can never seem to plan for the team’s best de­fen­sive or of­fen­sive plays to at least con­trol or be in n even sit­u­a­tion dur­ing games. Why these feel­ings? Take the UB Red Robins, UB Sci. High Grey­hounds, and Saint Louis Lab­o­ra­tory High School Teams in the High school di­vi­sion or the Scout Bar­rio, Minero, Y BBC teams for the col­lege /se­niors di­vi­sion, do they im­pose the chal­lenge or are the other teams chal­lenged.

In the first meet­ing for the tour­na­ment con­ducted on the 7th of Oc­to­ber the present year, the coaches would say the big six let­ters “thanks” , for a chance given for high school bas­ke­teers as well as Barangay teams to be in a bas­ket­ball tour­na­ment. “It is timely say’s Minero coach and fel­low colum­nist, Zards Ga­cad, ac­cord­ing to him were not here to win cham­pi­onships, were here for the devel­op­ment of play­ing hon­est bas­ket­ball, it is for the phys­i­cal well­be­ing of the par­tic­i­pants, that is the pur­pose why the Y’ con­ducted the tour­na­ment, it is con­cerned es­pe­cially for the well­be­ing of the par­tic­i­pants in mind, body, and spirit”.

Bas­ket­ball is al­ways a phys­i­cal, men­tal, and a psy­cho­log­i­cal game where one with­out the skill and abil­ity, agility, and mo­ti­va­tion ends up be­ing a loser. It is a game of chal­lenge. So why be both­ered, all games starts with ze­ros on the score board it is a mat­ter of how coaches plan and cre­ate strate­gies for a game, it is how the per­form­ers ex­e­cute each plan on plays that makes a team chal­lenge the op­po­nent.

Every per­former in games have their own mo­ti­va­tions why they play aside from the train­ers and coaches mo­ti­vat­ing them and who pro­vide them the train­ing to re­spond to the con­di­tion­ing given as in planned plays. This in the psy­cho­log­i­cal process is called op­er­ant con­di­tion­ing, where the per­form­ers re­spond to what ever they were trained and con­di­tioned to do as a role; these how­ever must be re­in­forced by mo­ti­va­tional in­struc­tions of the coach where the per­form­ers must be­have in a way that pro­duces con­se­quences. The con­trol of learn­ing how these con­se­quences will be con­trolled lies on the per­form­ers and if no ac­tion is taken then it is a prob­a­bil­ity that con­di­tion­ing in the part of train­ers and coaches is a fail­ure, where re­in­force­ment and mo­ti­va­tion needs to be a fo­cus for the per­form­ers.

They should be chal­lenged by the game sit­u­a­tions to be able to re­spond, not be­ing in­tim­i­dated by the op­po­nents, af­ter all they play the same game, one ball, two hoops, planned of­fense and de­fense, and only how they re­spond is the dif­fer­ence “be chal­lenged” af­ter all the game al­ways starts with “zero”. Sports Psy­chol­ogy

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