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THE BLIST and by now every Juan will know of what it is. BLIST yet with­out Tublay was like a small com­pound, with in­di­vid­ual homes and fam­i­lies within it. There is the Baguio, La Trinidad, Ito­gon, Sablan and Tuba fam­i­lies. All friendly neigh­bors.

But soon after, some fam­i­lies would have grown big­ger to what it couldn't han­dle any­more. By then, is­sues would have been no­ticed by the neigh­bors. This time the other fam­i­lies would have said that they would like to be of help rather than see the ob­vi­ous and take things for granted.

Some homes show prob­lems. A neigh­bor will com­plain. Fruits of their la­bor never shared. There are en­croach­ment is­sues. Prob­lems crop up.

In­deed this is one com­mu­nity. There's no one else other than these fam­i­lies. There is bick­er­ing and fault find­ing. Petty fight­ing among neigh­bors.

One may have a big­ger and more ex­trav­a­gant house than the other. One may have had bet­ter soil to toil. Oth­ers find gold. Not only were they blessed with it, the fam­i­lies knew how to build their own homes from it. Soon after, each fam­ily will re­al­ize that they are all dif­fer­ent from one an­other. All spe­cial. All gain from the bless­ings but also have to deal with the spoils from it. Maybe some jeal­ousy.

Later on they will all re­al­ize that every one of the fam­i­lies were ac­tu­ally blessed with the same things. And it was just a mat­ter of what fam­ily may have used it the way it should. Every one of the fam­i­lies also re­al­ized that other than know­ing what they had, it was how it was used. Some def­i­nitely knew what they had and they took ad­van­tage of it.

When one was happy, every one be­came happy. But then time would come when there could have been ques­tions as to why the other pros­pered over the other or felt that one got one over the other. Some would find fault with the other. When prob­lems arise the neigh­bors would have said for you to deal with it.

Time came when each head of the fam­ily sat down with each other and soon re­al­ized that if they con­tinue find­ing fault then noth­ing will be re­solved. Fault find­ing was ac­tu­ally all re­lated or con­nected with each home. There was no right or wrong.

What hap­pened was a meet­ing of the minds. Ra­tio­nally and not emo­tion­ally, they un­der­stood that when one home is af­fected and not looked after or let alone, even­tu­ally all will be af­fected.

The dads and heads of the fam­ily de­cided to in­volve the purse of each fam­ily. Ob­vi­ously there were some who had more than the other. While some may not have the re­sources, they had the land that could help and as­sist those in need. A shar­ing scheme had to be in­volved.

It was about time that they would all de­cide to in­volve one an­other. From there they pur­sued to pro­tect their com­mu­nity. They had to look after each other and no other. A lot of con­sen­sus was made and every one would now un­der­stand the role they had to play.

Even­tu­ally the com­pound be­comes a bet­ter com­mu­nity and it grows. An­other fam­ily would now want to take part in this com­mu­nity spirit and want to join in. The Tublay fam­ily is wel­comed.

Ap­par­ently if ev­ery­one played their part and op­ti­mized the bless­ing pro­vided for to them, every one would soon be able to profit and even­tu­ally ben­e­fit and share from it.

While the Baguio and La Trinidad fam­i­lies have more fi­nan­cially, they have also max­i­mized use of all the re­main­ing land for it and ex­tended their homes to the fullest. And none to spare for any even­tu­al­ity. They also would soon re­al­ize that they may have gone over­board with what they had.

By this time every one will have to in­volve them­selves from it. They now re­al­ize that they may, even­tu­ally play an im­por­tant part in all of this to all of what is go­ing on de­spite the mis­giv­ings. They are now reach­ing out. Know­ing and un­der­stand­ing that they may also ben­e­fit

IOFTEN won­der why and what we have done as a na­tion that we are given this scourge : a Lower Cham­ber in Congress where po­lit­i­cal mo­rons and hun­gry hye­nas thrive and fight over our tax and who can­not agree how much to al­lo­cate for what and for whom.

And then we have a Vice Pres­i­dent, Leni Ro­bredo, who thinks that money in­tended for dredg­ing heav­ily silted rivers that could re­sult in flash floods and ero­sion, like what hap­pened in Bi­col where she re­sides, will just be pur­loined. Each time she opens her mouth she re­veals what’s in her cra­nium.

Still an­other va­ri­ety, Rep. Ed­cel Lag­man, also from her re­gion, as­serts that Mar­tial Law in Min­danao need not be ex­tended since there is no armed re­bel­lion in the re­gion. How could he, who has not even ven­tured in Min­danao for he might be too scared, judge what is good for us Min­danaoans?

And still an­other Bi­colano, Rolando An­daya, the new Ma­jor­ity Floor Leader, prac­ti­cally sat on the pro­posed bud­get for 2019 ques­tion­ing at length the al­leged “in­ser­tion” by Bud­get Sec­re­tary Ben­jamin Dio­kno thus jeop­ar­diz­ing the ini­tial phase of the Build, Build, Build pro­gram of the Duterte ad­min­is­tra­tion.

Sen. An­to­nio Tril­lanes, also from the same re­gion, is out of the coun­try for a string of speak­ing en­gage­ments, so he claimed. Back home he has a magma of war­rants yet he wants to im­press us that he is in the mold of Dale Carnegie.

Have the ash fall and sul­fu­ric fumes from the eter­nally ac­tive Mayon vol­cano any­thing to do with mind­set of these char­ac­ters?

The un­usual de­lay in pass­ing the 2019 bud­get is no longer funny. If “in­ser­tions” were made then why can­not the mem­bers of the House of Rep­re­sen­ta­tives eval­u­ate whether there are valid rea­sons why it should be con­sid­ered. Re­mem­ber that not a few con­gres­sional dis­tricts were de­prived of bud­getary al­lo­ca­tions dur­ing the term of exS­peaker Be­bot Al­varez.

Con­gress­man An­daya early on saw the huge chunk of money in the pro­posed bud­get for the dis­tricts of Al­varez, Rep. Rodolfo Fari­nas and of ex-con­gress­man and now Cab­i­net Sec­re­tary Karlo No­grales.

The prob­lem then was that the Palace had ques­tioned what it ear­lier sus­pected as a big al­lo­ca­tion for the dis­trict of in­cum­bent House Speaker Glo­ria Ma­ca­pa­gal-Ar­royo that turned out to be a pit­tance com­pared to the three oth­ers. Ev­ery­thing went con­vo­luted and the House of Glo­ria seemed to be par­a­lyzed by its own in­abil­ity to de­cide on the fate of the 2019 bud­get pro­posed by Mala­cañang.

Congress should flesh out what it sus­pected as ques­tion­able in­ser­tions and pro­ceed with what the mem­bers think is fair and just. Well, they in­vited Ben Dio­kno dur­ing the bud­get hear­ing but in­stead of seek­ing an­swers to shed light on the bud­get pro­posal the con­gress­men cru­ci­fied him and drowned him in a hail of in­sults.

Fail­ing to act on the bud­get would re­sult in a stand­still in gov­ern­ment func­tions and ser­vices and af­fect the pay­ment of salar­ies and wages of state em­ploy­ees. The grave con­di­tion may force Pres­i­dent Ro­drigo Duterte to con­sider op­tions that con­gress­men might later re­gret. from it in the long run. It is as sim­ple as can be and should be.

The in­volve­ment of the Up­per House in this is well meant, but just as an over­seer and see­ing that all is well. Other than that they should not in­ject what they would want to hap­pen of each house­hold. Re­mem­ber too that each house­hold may have a dif­fer­ent prob­lem from that of the other house­holds. Each house is in­de­pen­dent too and has to be re­spected no mat­ter what or who says so.

What is good is that each home knows its role in the small com­mu­nity that they have and should pro­tect it as a whole. Not one fam­ily above or bet­ter than the other. Mu­tual re­spect among the dif­fer­ent fam­i­lies with the way each run their homes. All think­ing as a whole and one big happy fam­ily. And if things will go wrong it must be worked and solved by every­body, know­ing that one prob­lem will af­fect all if taken for granted.

If all the fam­i­lies show love among each other and con­tinue to work to­gether then surely all the bless­ing will come. Blessed BLISTT.

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