It’s mass con­trol, st*pid!

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THAT’S the over­rid­ing ob­jec­tive of the or­der on putting bar­ri­ers for mo­tor­cy­cle angkas. It’s part of the tri-pol­icy of lock­down and phys­i­cal dis­tanc­ing, whose over­all pur­pose is to stir mass fear and sub­mis­sion to eas­ily con­trol and mon­i­tor move­ments of peo­ple--a spe­cialty of the gen­er­als of Duterte in con­trol of na­tional In­ter-Agency Task Force and the Depart­ment of In­te­rior and Lo­cal Govern­ment, all vet­eran of the com­bat, psy-ops, and in­tel­li­gence op­er­a­tions ver­sus in­sur­gency and mass move­ment for decades.

No civil­ian of­fi­cials or nor­mal think­ing per­sons, with an unim­paired sense, would al­low a cou­ple, sleep­ing to­gether most of their lives, be di­vided by a bar­rier when rid­ing to­gether on a mo­tor­cy­cle de­spite wear­ing hel­mets and face­masks.

De­spite its be­ing non­sense, dan­ger­ous and added ex­pense for riders, why still im­pose it? Stir mass fear and sub­mis­sion to eas­ily con­trol peo­ple.

No same of­fi­cials or per­sons would also disal­low peo­ple to in­ter­act phys­i­cally or con­verge in pub­lic, pro­vided that they wear their health-pro­tec­tive gears be­cause hu­man re­la­tions and in­ter­ac­tions are what make hu­man so­ci­eties dy­namic, vi­brant and pro­duc­tive.

Even if with re­stricted in­ter­ac­tions due to vi­ral diseases or Covid pan­demic, so-called peo­ple can be in­structed, and that can be en­forced with safety pre­cau­tions and health pro­to­cols.

In all dis­as­ters and calami­ties, peo­ple al­ways co­op­er­ate when called for, no need for use of force and forms of con­trol.

So why still in­sist? sim­ply ob­vi­ous--stir mass fear and sub­mis­sion to eas­ily con­trol peo­ple.

This in fact ex­plains why de­spite the hard­ships and suf­fer­ings of the peo­ple dis­placed not by Covid but by govern­ment mass con­trol mech­a­nisms, most peo­ple are restive yet won’t make defiant ac­tions.

Com­plaints and griev­ances are ev­ery­where but no­body would dare defy state se­cu­rity forces for fear of “tokhang” like re­sponses.

In­still­ing mass fear, in­vok­ing the so-called dis­ci­pline with the threat of vi­o­lent force, peo­ple tend to ac­cept suf­fer­ing, hold their con­tempt, thus, mak­ing them sub­mis­sive and easy to con­trol.

The pas­sage of anti-ter­ror law is a per­fect weapon to fur­ther tram­ple on peo­ple’s rights. Any­one can be searched and ar­rested with­out war­rants, for sim­ple sus­pi­cion of be­ing trou­ble rouser or sower of con­fu­sion.

The ac­tivists of the old days have this counter ex­hor­ta­tion ver­sus mass fear and con­trol--”Kung hindi tayo kik­ibo, sino ang kik­ibo? Kung hindi tayo kik­i­los, sino ang kik­i­los? Kung hindi ngayon, kailan?!”

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