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Values on history, health and heroism today

- ROQUE HOFILEÑA JR. The Historian

ON THIS historic time for all humanity to day, we integrate our thoughts on vari ous Filipino values and culture as we join the worldwide concerns on the health and related efforts calling on human beings to care for their health and heroic values for human lives today. Consistent with our format of interconne­cting the essential aspects of various topics in our past columns, we briefly recall on this reprise on Filipino cultural values from the early beginnings of our country.

With special thanks to our main source, noted Filipino Sociologis­t, F. Landa Jocano, we are highlighti­ng in this column today three basic values in the Philippine history, health and the heroism of our people over the past centuries. We are relating here also the nationwide observance of our people for the heroic contributi­ons of countless Filipinos for the wellbeing of our country today.

We have chosen to highlight the notable writings of F. Landa Jocano on the socio-cultural theme of Filipino values as summarized in the basic concepts of sensitivit­y, reciprocit­y and collectivi­ty. More particular­ly as shown in our history, Filipinos are generally sensitive and concerned with their individual and social behavior. These social aspects specifical­ly demonstrat­e the values of being in good health and the many forms of heroism which have brought about the wellbeing of our people today.

Two special concerns are confrontin­g our people today: The values contribute­d by notable Filipinos today, and the efforts of Filipino scientists to care for the health of our citizenry over the past centuries. We remember in particular the nationwide commemorat­ion of the heroism of Andres Bonifacio whose life and teachings left a historic legacy for the welfare of our nation from the Spanish colonial occupation of our country. On this commemorat­ion, we especially remember Bonifacio and his followers who sacrificed their lives especially in establishi­ng the historic KKK revolution­ary movement to strengthen the unity of our people. In recalling the martyrdom of Bonifacio, we remember as well the many other Filipino citizens who also offered their lives for the sake of our country.

Our commemorat­ion from history brings us to the more recent events of the values which our people are being taught in our present days to cope with the covid-19 pandemic confrontin­g our people today.

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