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Teachers conduct first home visitation teacher’s nook


PACDA Elementary School teachers conduct first home visitation in Palasaan, Mankayan, Benguet on Nov. 18.

The visit was headed by the teacher-in-charge and grades 2 and 3 adviser Carolyn Tufay, with co-teacher Ofelia Pasadillo, kindergart­en and grade 1 adviser. They started heading from Purok Lower Pacda, Middle and up to Upper Pacda where 80 percent of the pupils resides. It was done on a house-to-house basis to provide the different needs of each learner.

The aim of the visit is for teachers to provide a better explanatio­n of lessons not well understood by the pupils during their modular home study. Teachers also provided short term reading activity on reading alphabet names and sounds for kindergart­en and reading three-letter (CVC) words for grade 2 pupils. Based on this given activity, they found out that some of their pupils need assistance in reading. As a result, teachers are encouraged and challenged to conduct more interventi­ons aside from a home visit to address the learners who have reading difficulti­es.

According to some parents, most of their children need full-time assistance in working with their module, as a result, they are assisted only at night time since most parents work during the day. The teachers then gave more encouragem­ent to parents to patiently guide and assist their children’s needs.

The teachers ensured the parents that they are ever willing and available to attend to whatever issues and concerns they would like to ask about the lessons of their children. Carolyn Tufay

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