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Hello, December!


I’M A certified Christmas guy, I always look forward to this most wonderful time of the year! What will Christmas be like this year? With so many restrictio­ns due to the pandemic, I think this year will be unique.

Our church has canceled the regular Dawn Christmas services, we only have one service that will be on December 24 Christmas Eve. I guess Christmas this year will be more meaningful. I say that without pretending that I am not affected by what Covid-19 has done to Christmas. I also say that with a Holy Anticipati­on of what this December will be.

Probably, this December will be a unique time of reflection of what’s going on around us most especially what’s going on inside us? Parties and songs are not going to be abundant this year, yet there are many things that Covid-19 cannot stop. It cannot stop gratitude, it cannot stop genuine worship minus the songs hahaha, believe me, it cannot stop gladness! In this Covid Captivity, we appreciate more the meaning of the Holy Nativity.

I guess this year Christmas will be more realistic, in the sense that it will center on the message of Hope rather than the glitters of it. We will miss a lot of family gatherings, and other festivitie­s, I guess we will have more worship and sincere connection with Jesus by faith. Because of the liquor ban, Christmas will be more of coffee than wine. More time to slow down and sip and savor hot freshly brewed coffee make each December morning meaningful. Thank God there is no coffee ban. If ever I think there will be a revolution hahaha.

Hello, December I want to meet you in holy anticipati­on seeing what God is doing in these difficult times. Hello, December I want to greet you each morning in a slower phase and deeper prayers. Hello, December I want to be like Joseph in the nativity scene simple and silent, savoring each moment as grace unfolds. Hello, December I’m now a fully grown-up man 52 years old but in me am still a child excited to meet you. I guess it’s time to surrender many of my selfish expectatio­ns for this month, so I can simply enjoy these moments of grace, so I can abound in giving thanks, so I can quietly say thank you Jesus for coming to our world.

Do I have my wish list for this season? In general Peace on Earth goodwill towards man. I realize this is impossible until all men will willingly say Glory to God in the Highest! I wish that every December morning will be spent in quiet and meaningful worship with brewed coffee of course. As a minister, I wish we can sing again in the church especially in this season. I pray that my attitude will not destroy the atmosphere of hope, and that may joy will not be confined to the good things that happened but be focused on Immanuel, God is with us! I write this with a smile and from my heart. As Tiny Tim would say “God bless us all.”

Hello December, I’m so glad we meet again!

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