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Something good happening in Philippine basic education


THE Department of Education (DepEd) un der the leadership of Secretary Leonor M. Briones is positive that something good is still happening, especially when it comes to the government’s efforts to uplift the quality of basic education in the country. This is amid the challenges that confront the Philippine education system brought by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Secretary Briones mentioned the performanc­e of some Philippine schools in the 2018 Programme for Internatio­nal Student Assessment (Pisa) where Pasig City Science High School (PCSHS) and the Regional Science High School for Region 6 (RSHS6) were identified as top performers in 2018 Pisa.

According to the DepEd chief, it was never mentioned that we have these schools which have achieved very high-performanc­e rating on a global scale. The secretary believes that there must be something good happening in Philippine education and that something good has to be shared.

Including the two schools mentioned, Briones said that there were a total of the top 20 schools which have achieved very high performanc­e in the 2018 Pisa so she is asking the teachers, the school heads of said schools on what lessons they can impart.

The DepEd mentioned that as the Philippine­s prepares to join the Pisa in 2022, the schools shared best practices in their commitment to delivering quality education. In their sharing, PCSHS and RSHS-6 believe that the country’s preparatio­n in the next round of Pisa in 2022 will serve as an “investment of education” for the future generation.

The report written by Merlina HernandoMa­lipot and was published in the Manila Bulletin said that the representa­tives of the two schools pointed out mentoring and teacher empowermen­t as two key factors in their outstandin­g performanc­e during the Pisa 2018.

PCSHS Principal Charlie Fabaer showcased the role of teachers in adopting a student-centric and ICT-enhanced pedagogy that encourages deep learning, critical thinking, and creativity. He noted that their school’s approach creates a playground of creative thinking and holistic developmen­t for learners, thus, boosting exposure to national and internatio­nal mathematic­s competitio­ns and scientific projects.

Fabaer emphasized that while their school is student-centric, we are also giving primary importance to their teacher.

Further, it was known that the school uses InService Training and Learning Action Cell (LAC) sessions as its primary actions in enhancing their content knowledge and pedagogy, including classroom management and other aspects of teacher quality.

Fabaer further said that during these profession­al developmen­t sessions, they are (allowed) to share their best practices and talk about the things that are working inside the classroom and the school involve them in their planning activities so that they would feel that they are empowered.

Meanwhile, Briones also praised the DepEd Cordillera Administra­tive Region (CAR) for scoring the highest in reading literacy results in Pisa 2018 as well as the Baguio City National High School (BCNHS).

The secretary believes that while the 2018 Pisa showed that “dismal ranking” of the Philippine­s in some key areas, the practices of schools will greatly contribute to the national effort in raising the country’s quality of education.

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