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PSC backs women’s nutrition


THE PHILIPPINE Sports Commission ( PSC) encourages a holistic approach to health and wellness, which includes a balanced mix of physical, mental, emotional, and nutritiona­l care, in the sixth episode of their web series, “Rise Up! Shape Up!”

Rise Up, Shape Up’s episode on nutrition aims to remind everyone, especially highly active individual­s, and women, that the right choice of food impacts our body’s strength, energy, and performanc­e.

PSC Chairman William I. Ramirez highlights that the episode on nutrition is PSC’s call to action for Filipinos to make conscious choices towards health and wellness, including eating the proper kind of food.

“While the agency is tasked to promote and develop sports excellence in Filipinos and Filipinas, we believe that such level of excellence can only be achieved through a body that is holistical­ly healthy and well,” shared Ramirez.

Commission­er for Celia Kiram also stresses that women especially must be mindful about their nutrition as their bodies have unique nutritiona­l and dietary needs due to pregnancy or menopause.

She adds that “women have the potential to influence their families to eat healthy, so it is important that they set an example with their healthy eating habits.”

The episode, titled “A

Taste of Women’s Soulful Nutrition”, highlights the importance of proper nutrition and diet and its impact on one’s performanc­e.

Nutrition experts share tips on what to eat to optimize physical strength and performanc­e as well as discuss eating behaviors and habits.

Ashly Villa, a registered nutritioni­st-dietitian and part of PSC’s Medical Scientific Athletics Services Team, shares her knowledge on proper nutrition and its impact on one’s body. Villa is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Holistic Nutrition with Culinary Arts from Manila Tytana Colleges. She earned her online diploma in Sports Nutrition from Shaw Academy and has had several speaking engagement­s on sports nutrition.

Another featured speaker is Eden Elisan, a registered nutritioni­st- dietitian, and trained diabetes educator and renal nutritioni­st and currently serves as the Associate Lifestyle Medicine Director of the Adventist Medical Center Manila.

Dr. Marissa Guinto, associate professor, and research director of the College of Human Kinetics of UP Diliman discusses the psychology of eating for the audience to better understand eating behaviors and habits.

Lastly, Yoga and meditation teacher trainer, Eileen Tupaz, leads a brief session on mindful eating. The co-founder of White Space Body and Mind Wellness Studio and Eating Psychology asserts how this will help support healthier eating habits.

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