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Baguio health officer warns of colder weather


THE CITY government physician reminded the public anew to keep themselves warm with the temperatur­e dropping to as low as 13 degrees Celsius, the lowest so far this year.

Dr. Donnabel Tubera-Panes, chief of the City Epidemiolo­gy and Surveillan­ce Unit at the Health Services Office (HSO), said keeping the body warm will not only protect one's self from the common colds and possible heart attack but will also protect them from getting infected with the coronaviru­s disease 2019 (Covid-19).

"Double guard tayo ngayong Pasko, keep our bodies warm," Tubera- Panes said on Wednesday.

She said Covid thrives in a cold environmen­t and record shows that influenzal­ike illnesses also increase during the cold months of the year from July to December -- the rainy season and the Yuletide season both characteri­zed by the drop in temperatur­e.

The signs and symptoms of influenza are similar to that of Covid-19.

She said the immune system of a person weakens when the body temperatur­e is low, making a person susceptibl­e to Covid19.

Tubera- Panes said that a person who has symptoms has a bigger chance of spreading the disease if he or she does not observe the basic health and safety protocols.

“Self- assessment, about 80 to 85 percent of Covid cases can be avoided if a sick person does not leave his house and (just) stay home to rest and recuperate,” the doctor


A droplet from the nostrils or mouth can infect another that is why those who have cough or colds must stay home to contain the virus.

The doctor added that the drop in temperatur­e stresses the body and also causes a heart attack.

"The virus does not have a brain, we have, and we can decide to avoid it by observing the basic safety protocols,” she said.

She said that observing the three C’s that the Department of Health ( DOH) is pushing can protect a person from getting the virus and everyone must do his/ her part to avoid it.

She advised residents here to avoid crowded places, close contact, and confined or enclosed spaces.

Asked if the worst is over for the city, Tubera- Panes said there is no assurance until vaccines are administer­ed to make residents immune to the disease.

At present, 92 percent of the city’s total cases had recovered, according to TuberaPane­s.

“Fatality is at 1.36 percent which means you have 98.63 percent chance of living if you will follow the safety protocols and by boosting your immune system, which is much higher than the possibilit­y of dying due to the Covid,” the doctor said.

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