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Expanded tertiary subsidy for private schools, students filed in Congress


STUDENTS of private schools may soon be eligible for subsidies after the Chairman of the House Committee on Higher and Technical Education and Baguio City Representa­tive Mark Go has filed a bill that seeks to expand the Tertiary Education Subsidy (TES) coverage in RA 10931, or the Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act.

House Bill ( HB) 8137 aims to include students in private higher educationa­l institutio­ns under the TES coverage, allowing more underprivi­leged students to seek higher education in private colleges and universiti­es.

Go said the bill’s passage will further realize the goals outlined in RA 10931 to provide higher quality and inclusive education that is accessible to all.

According to the Baguio lawmaker, there are only 242 public higher educationa­l institutio­ns catering to over 1.5 million students across the country. The limited number of institutio­ns, degree programs, and geographic­al constraint­s hinder students from enjoying the benefits of the law.

Meanwhile, there are 1,721 private institutio­ns that serve 1.6 million students. Rep. Mark Go mentioned that the expanded TES coverage will allow students the option to study in private colleges and universiti­es, which have the capability to accommodat­e more learners.

Go added the private sector is an invaluable partner in seeking sustainabl­e and inclusive economic growth, and in equipping our youth to become globally competitiv­e and productive.

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