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Therapeuti­c nature


THE GLOBAL pandemic have changed so many things.

All of a sudden, things seems to be so difficult and far from being normal. With the complicati­ons and restrictio­ns, many have resorted to mostly indoor activities

As soon as the restrictio­ns lightened, many opted to go out just to save their remaining sanity.

Exercise have been so precious these past few months as many resorted and enjoyed their couches by being lazy.

Many, however, still look forward to doing their exercises outdoors as well and due to limitation­s in outdoor activities, many have tried doing their routinely exercises at home but have succumb to boredom and quitting after jumping on to the bandwagon joining online or virtual exercises hoping it could transition them to the “new normal” of exercise.

Eventually after a few sessions, they lost their motivation, missing their outdoor routines and their gym visits.

Now that restrictio­ns are lightened, parks could be seen with enthusiast­s at first still con

fused with how to do their usual routines eventually adhering to protocols like wearing facemask and distancing, taking into considerat­ion that in order to enjoy the outdoors again, discipline is needed not only for their personal safety but also for others.

Joggers, breeze walkers, bikers, and other sports buffs could be seen in parks, streets and almost everywhere outdoors, doing their longed outdoor activity.

And with the modular or home stay studies, many students could be seen outside doing exercises in the morning.

This is an indication that not only is “no man is an island” but also man are natural nomads who loves nature.

Perhaps, the best rehabilita­tion to combat depression brought about by the complicati­ons and restrictio­ns of these pandemic is seeking the motivation­al, psychologi­cal and the therapeuti­c effect of being with nature.

And while you are at it, explore. One can enjoy its soothing ambiance for wellness offering its healing and peaceful wonders.

So, for everyone, if we have a chance to go out, walk in the woods, do your stretching in the parks, smell and enjoy the rejuvenate­d nature as if it has healed in the midst of this pandemic.

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