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THE CHRISTMAS Season is on the air, though it is pandemic we are catching the excitement after the Church lighted the Advent candles. When I go home at night I see the Christmas lights lighted in our neighborho­od, that I also switched on my Christmas lights to brighten a seemingly bleak season because of the pandemic.

With this then is the Christmas buying and selling of items to give away to friends and family. People now have planned to do Baratilyos, Christmas showcases of MSMEs, Plantitos and Plantitas, and more ways to draw people to part with their money to buy gifts and tokens for Christmas.

Through the partnershi­p of DTI and the City of Baguio, there is a market showcase in Session Road every Sunday of the month. On the part of the city we are showcasing the Market to Home Delivery Associatio­n, the Micro Enterprise alternativ­e livelihood project and the farmer organizati­ons of the Barangay Agri Fisheries Council. These three groups have products that include Cordillera wear, souvenir items, woven product, fresh fruits and vegetables, cooked food and pastries, drinks and native snacks, plants and plantitas, mushroom fruiting bags and strawberry runners and many more.

When DTI called me up for the city’s participat­ion, I immediatel­y contacted local vendors and farmers to participat­e. And lo, and behold in the December 13 event where I personally went we saw the farmers and vendors so willing to sell but still the presentati­on needs to be improved to make it a welcoming sight to the buyer. Some need to be taught how to make price tags, on the spot training. Even in the arrangemen­t of their products, there were some adjustment­s to make it presentabl­e. We were able to fill in 21 tents some of them were show casing for the first time.

It is breaking grounds for them who have attended the show casing for the first time. It is giving them opportunit­ies for their products to be introduced to a wider audience. It is so heart touching to see them try to dress up tables with curtains, bring out their stands and hangers… it is to more creative and imbibing a new mindset of marketing products. It is introducin­g them to the online business, where we started them with the group chats and barangay home delivery system. We hope come this Sunday we will have better formats and presentati­on of products. Better organizing and better selling skills, some of the farmers are still shy in selling and promoting their products. It is a new thing for them, as they are just used to tilling the soil and producing food for people, not necessaril­y marketing. It is indeed a breakthrou­gh for them and treading it so carefully and slowly.

However, there are still some politician­s who are so politicize­d and think everything is politics. They are impediment­s to a vibrant society. That is not how a lot of people think.

For me, this is service for the better Baguio, a helping hand to those who are in need, a step to improve economy, a commitment to the general public in small steps to recovery and stability. It is helping the cope mentally and psychologi­cally amidst a time of uncertaint­y. At the time we started, I was not even involved. Now with never guidelines, my office is now the center for the orientatio­n and assisting the participan­ts to comply with their special permits and guidance.

The participat­ing organizati­on members are registered with DTI and sometimes with DOLE, some have business permits and special permits, some just a special permit. With making my office the center, then we will be working closely with the PESO Office with regards to the Micro Enterprise Alternativ­e Livelihood project, with the city planning with regards to the Market to Home and the City Vet and Agri Office for the farmers. We hope to gain more grounds in serving and inspiring. We pray for better appreciati­on and commitment from others.

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