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In confession I must admit, I hated the Christmas season for decades for the simple reason that I did not adhere to the church teaching of giftgiving. I preferred to celebrate it the whole year round by following His teachings to the best of my humane abilities. Sharing our blessings is not scheduled. The Good Samaritan saw an opportunit­y to remind us of His doctrine.

Employees in the government as well as private corporatio­ns are the luckiest. They are practicall­y on vacation with declared and undeclared holidays during the season. Besides, they are also recipients of 13 up to 16 months in bonuses. This is never heard of in advance and economical­ly stable countries. Only in the Philippine­s.

I empathize with the majority of the citizenry who, for medical protection imposed by the government, had to forgo working hours and receiving no income for the several months. The funds or ayuda provided by government was not sufficient to sustain families for long.

The so-called “BER” months of September to December 2020 may be remembered as “belt tightening” season. I can go with that so long as we do not forget Christ in the celebratio­n of Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

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