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write this not as a teacher but as a stu­dent my­self. I am not an ex­pert on stuff like this but I try hard to learn lessons that life throws at me. Some­times the lessons are quite easy, no brains needed if I may say so. Yet there are rather dif­fi­cult ones that drain you of your en­ergy just by try­ing not to drown in its com­plex­i­ties and chal­lenges.

In my life, some­times I won­der about re­cur­ring lessons. I kinda be­lieve that past lessons do not re­peat them­selves if you got it the first time so these come­back­ing lessons re­ally bother me.

I un­abashedly be­lieve that I am an ex­cel­lent learner so I am re­peat­edly dumb­founded if prob­lems with strik­ingly sim­i­lar char­ac­ter­is­tics keep pop­ping up to wreak havoc in my life?

Why do these prob­lems keep hap­pen­ing again and again? What did I do wrong?

My friend Bam says I prob­a­bly haven’t learned the les­son yet, what­ever it is. Part of me found that re­volt­ing but I thought to my­self that there might be truth on it too.

You never re­ally know un­less you find the time to sift through the gamut of ex­pe­ri­ences re­lated to it. Hope­fully some sig­nif­i­cant thing will pop out.

Or maybe you’ll have an epiphany. Like I did.

It just got me think­ing that maybe, it might seem to be the same ob­sta­cle but it re­ally isn’t.

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