The ARC Kid­ney Care and Dial­y­sis Cen­ter to open branch in Oro

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PA­TIENTS with kid­ney fail­ure liv­ing in the western area of Ca­gayan de Oro City will soon have a closer means to ob­tain their needed health care as the new kid­ney care and dial­y­sis cen­ter along Kauswa­gan high­way is set to open this week.

The ARC Kid­ney Care and Dial­y­sis Cen­ter, a dial­y­sis provider to care for pa­tients with acute and chronic kid­ney fail­ure, es­tab­lished its branch in Ca­gayan de Oro City along Kauswa­gan high­way, in front of the Save­more Kauswa­gan branch.

The said branch was blessed and in­au­gu­rated last Sun­day, De­cem­ber 2, and is ex­pected to start its op­er­a­tions this week.

“What we’re try­ing to do now is put it in very con­ve­nient ar­eas. So this is along the high­way. Hope­fully, it helps peo­ple com­ing from the western side of Ca­gayan de Oro to not go any­more into the city, at least save time, traf­fic, all of that, the has­sle of go­ing in­side,” Al­lan Ja­son Bautista, pres­i­dent of the ARC Kid­ney Care and Dial­y­sis Cen­ter, said.

The kid­ney care and dial­y­sis cen­ter aims to pro­vide qual­ity pa­tient care through its well-trained nurses, doc­tors and staff. The cen­ter also uses the lat­est techonol­ogy fa­cil­i­ties such as brand new Fre­se­nius Med­i­cal Care brand dial­y­sis ma­chines.

The cen­ter is also aligned with the govern­ment’s Phil­health pro­gram which cov­ers the 90 ses­sions per year for hemodial­y­sis of its mem­bers.

“We re­ally just wanna put it at very af­ford­able prices. We’re not gonna de­stroy any price, we’re just get it at the right level. But what we wanna do is of­fer a much, much bet­ter fa­cil­ity,” Bautista said.

“So, for the same price, we’ll give you brand new Fre­se­nius ma­chines and all the ameni­ties even for com­pan­ions,” he added.

The treat­ment room is com­prised of re­cliner chairs, each with brand new Fre­se­nius Med­i­cal Care dial­y­sis ma­chine; flat tele­vi­sion screens for the pa­tients’ en­ter­tain­ment, and the nurse’s sta­tion lo­cated at the cen­ter of the room.

This is de­signed for the nurses to eas­ily at­tend to the pa­tient’s needs and also for the lat­ter to feel safe and se­cure that some­one is al­ways nearby to pro­vide them with pa­tient care.

“We pro­vide real pa­tient care for all those who need it. Yun yung ba­sic prin­ci­ple na we re­ally want to fol­low. We just want to re­ally give the best pa­tient care that we can,” Bautista said.

“At the end of the day, its the pa­tient care,” he added.

Bautista men­tioned that the head of the op­er­a­tions of the cen­ter is their head nurse, which means pa­tient care comes first.

“The head nurse is not just the head nurse by name, tala­gang da­pat cer­i­ti­fied nurse, reg­is­tered nurse. Talaga ang train­ing nya, ang back­ground, is re­ally a nurse. Hindi siya boss ng nurse,” Bautista said.

The ARC pres­i­dent also as­sures that the ARC Kid­ney Care and Dial­y­sis Cen­ter fol­lows what was man­dated on the Tech­ni­cal Guide­lines for Hos­pi­tals and Health Fa­cil­i­ties Plan­ning and De­sign of DOH, and even went be­yond the DOH stan­dard through its im­proved fa­cil­i­ties such as the nurse’s sta­tions in­side the treat­ment room, the pro­cess­ing room, and the re­v­erse os­mo­sis wa­ter treat­ment room.

Each dial­y­sis ma­chine also has its own Un­in­ter­rupt­ible Power Sup­ply (UPS) that pro­vides emer­gency power in case of power in­ter­rup­tions, which of­ten oc­cur in the city.

The fa­cil­ity also has its brand new gen­er­a­tor, placed out­side the cen­ter, which can pro­vide the power needed by every equip­ment and ap­pli­ances in the fa­cil­ity.

Ac­cord­ing to Bautista, a per­son with kid­ney fail­ure needs two ses­sions of dial­y­sis per week and each ses­sion will take 4 hours.

With this in mind, the ARC Kid­ney Care and Dial­y­sis Cen­ter not only de­liv­ers com­fort to its pa­tients but also con­ve­nience to their pa­tients’ com­pan­ions who are tasked to wait out­side the treat­ment room for 4 hours.

The cen­ter of­fers ameni­ties for the pa­tients’ com­pan­ions, which in­clude: lock­ers where they can leave their things while wait­ing for the treat­ment to end; a clean and spa­cious bath­room; fast wifi con­nec­tion so that they won’t get bored wait­ing; tele­vi­sion; and out­lets where the com­pan­ions can charge their mo­bile phones and other gad­gets.

Bautista also shared their plan to open an­other branch in the Bugo area to cover the pa­tients in the eastern part of the city and those liv­ing in the Bukid­non ar­eas.

The ARC Kid­ney Care and Dial­y­sis Cen­ter was blessed and in­au­gu­rated last Sun­day, De­cem­ber 2, and is set to open this week. (Jo Ann Sablad)

AL­LAN JA­SON BAUTISTA, the ARC Kid­ney Care and Dial­y­sis Cen­ter pres­i­dent (left), and Al­lan Re­nan Acosta, the cor­po­rate sec­re­tary and trea­surer (right) ex­plain the func­tions of the equip­ment in­side the pro­cess­ing room. (Jo Ann Sablad)

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