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The Filipino mind­set, for its ma­jor­ity of pop­u­la­tion, may still see abor­tion as an act of mur­der; while in the western world, it be­came a move­ment of self-de­ter­mi­na­tion.

This can be a fac­tor as to why Filipino pop­u­la­tion is still in­creas­ing over time, be­cause tra­di­tions or even be­liefs that hav­ing chil­dren is a man­i­fes­ta­tion or “own­er­ship” in (ro­man­tic) re­la­tion­ships. Even if the born chil­dren are suf­fer­ing to some de­fects or have en­dan­gered the moth­ers’ health.

Abor­tion is an op­tion for preg­nant women that is still ab­horred or con­demned by the Filipino society. Pri­mar­ily a com­mis­sion of sin un­der re­li­gious be­liefs, and an act of mur­der. This is the rea­son why some pro-life ad­vo­cates don’t want the Re­pro­duc­tive Health Law to be en­acted, as it will soon pave way to the cre­ation of “safe” and le­gal abor­tion clin­ics.

In the west, there are still pro-life ad­vo­cates but they are a mi­nor­ity as com­pared to a pop­u­lar “po­lit­i­cally cor­rect” sen­ti­ments.

Part of the rea­son as to why some western coun­tries al­low le­gal abor­tion is be­cause of the ra­tio­nale that we as in­di­vid­u­als - es­pe­cially men - should not in­ter­fere in a woman’s per­sonal de­ci­sion, as it is their hu­man rights to deal and choose what is right for them. This is also a mat­ter of women’s re­pro­duc­tive health.

An­other rea­son why abor­tion is en­cour­aged, is to curb so­cial ser­vices cost for or­phans and chil­dren suf­fer­ing with birth de­fects.

Abor­tion is sub­ject to in­fi­nite de­bate. Its le­gal­iza­tion is a ques­tion as to what are we as a society.

If abor­tion in the Philip­pines will be made le­gal, only few moth­ers will die or af­fected due to un­safe abor­tion meth­ods. How­ever, those who do might be fac­ing so­cial judg­ment or ter­ri­ble con­se­quences.

We could not dic­tate how women do with their lives, how­ever, it’s also painful to think un­born chil­dren not see­ing the world for the first time.

Abor­tion can be used ca­su­ally, even if chil­dren in the wombs have no de­fects or threat­ened the life of their moth­ers.

Re­ally, a hard topic to be given con­clu­sions.

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