Be pretty for your­self

Sun.Star Cagayan de Oro - - Opinion - BY RIZ P. SUNIO

Why are you putting on make-up? Why trim your waist­line? Why do you need to make sure that your clothes look good on you? It would have been alright if you want to wow peo­ple. Go make peo­ple turn their heads on you as you please. But be­fore you do it, check your mo­tives first.

Are you do­ing it for peo­ple to see you as hu­man. Then, you have to stop. Now.

I’m a low main­te­nance gal. Still girly, but I don’t al­ways get my nails painted, have never had my legs waxed, nor shaved my eye­brows ever.

But yes, I do of­ten still in­dulge in some items to pret­tify my­self. And be­lieve me, it thrills me to use them. More so, to see the ef­fects they have on me.

Plus points if I get com­pli­ments af­ter all the hard la­bor I’ve put to make my­self pret­tier.

But girl, you have to stop if you start do­ing it for oth­ers al­ready.

Be re­minded that you don’t have to do it to get the ap­proval or ac­cep­tance of oth­ers, nor for you to be able to ac­cept your­self.

You are not un­der­go­ing all that tiis-ganda or­deals just to be ac­cepted. You don’t have to suf­fer at all, as a mat­ter of fact.

Afraid of be­ing crit­i­cized be­cause of your hairy arms and legs? For­get th­ese peo­ple.

Afraid of be­ing ridiculed be­cause of the love han­dles around your waist? Don’t lis­ten to them.

But if you re­ally want to un­dergo the painful process of los­ing all of that hair or the sweaty jour­ney of slim­ming down, do it be­cause you want it, not be­cause other peo­ple do.

Do it be­cause it will make you happy—not be­cause it will make you hap­pier.

Do all the things you want to your body: pow­der it, shave it, trim it, laser it. Just re­mem­ber that it is not to be­come hap­pier or ful­filled, or to be seen as a real per­son.

No mat­ter how painful oth­ers’ treat­ment to you were be­cause of how you look, the wounds from other peo­ple’s glares or words will not fade away.

In­stead, learn how to love your­self be­cause of how you are in­stead.

Once you’ve started lov­ing your­self be­cause of how you are, you can now start lov­ing your­self even more – even if it would be a dif­fi­cult or chal­leng­ing process of pret­ti­fy­ing your­self.

Girl, be pretty for your­self.

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