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My mom’s en­tire fam­ily is Catholic, whereas my dad’s fam­ily is Je­hova’s Wit­ness. They also have a lot of friends who are Chris­tians. Grow­ing up, I was raised to be­lieve that a per­son’s faith is a sa­cred re­la­tion­ship be­tween a per­son and his/her God. What mat­ters most is what’s in the heart and how this trans­lates to be­hav­ior. No mat­ter who we are, even if we go astray, God loves us all.

The past 2 weeks have been a par­tic­u­larly try­ing time for my fam­ily and I. My hus­band was hit by a 10-wheeler truck while rid­ing his mo­tor­cy­cle. The fact that he lived through the ini­tial im­pact and ar­rived at the hos­pi­tal lu­cid and talk­ing is a al­ready a mir­a­cle in it­self. See­ing the love of my life with his shat­tered right side of the face and mul­ti­ple in­juries through­out his body made me crum­ble in the emer­gency room. The first ques­tion in my head was: why?

Thank­fully, en­cour­ag­ing read­ing ma­te­ri­als were given by friends and col­leagues ex­actly when my heart needed it. Why has been the ques­tion re­ver­ber­at­ing in my head. My hus­band is a very good man. Even my 6 year old whim­pered, “Why is this hap­pen­ing to me, mommy? I think I hate my life.” That broke my heart into a mil­lion tiny pieces.

I had to talk to him and my older chil­dren to as­suage all their fears and anx­i­eties. Let me tell you, one of the hardest things to do is to re­main calm and strong, when all you want to do is weep on the floor. I re­minded our kids about what I al­ways say, life is not per­fect and things al­ways hap­pen for a pur­pose. We be­lieve in the power of God’s love, He is the driver and we are His pas­sen­gers. We have to hang onto Him and His prom­ise

of grace no mat­ter how tough it be­comes.

Be­sides, be­liev­ing is bet­ter than the piti­ful al­ter­na­tive!

Through this, all the doc­tors have one thing in com­mon to say: it is amaz­ing that my hus­band came out of the im­pact con­scious. Peo­ple typ­i­cally die on the spot. I be­lieve his wake­ful­ness alone is a huge bless­ing. I could have come to the ER to see a veg­etable, but in­stead, I was able to still talk to my man. Up to now, I can still talk to him and he still re­sponds. My chil­dren are still able to con­verse with him. We get to say mu­tual ‘I love yous’. I hope and pray he stays this re­spon­sive. Please con­tinue to help me storm heaven with prayers as he is still in crit­i­cal con­di­tion. Stay away com­pli­ca­tions!

Since the ac­ci­dent hap­pened, I have up­dated on Face­book be­cause I couldn’t keep up with an­swer­ing ev­ery­body who texts, pms, or calls. There are so many peo­ple that care, send­ing sup­port through vis­its, food, money, and prayers. This ex­pe­ri­ence is very heart­warm­ing and hum­bling at the same time. My very pri­vate hus­band has ac­tu­ally been the one en­cour­ag­ing me to post up­dates as a way for us to thank ev­ery­one for their love and sup­port.

One of my friends said that it is by God’s grace when a very quiet and pri­vate man like my hus­band shares his tes­ti­mony. The up­dates are ap­pre­ci­ated be­cause these show a lot of peo­ple are pray­ing and prayers are an­swered. She noted that some­times we live as if there is no God, and then she thanked me and my fam­ily for show­ing that He is alive.

Sev­eral ac­quain­tances I haven’t heard from in decades also sent me a mes­sages stat­ing this gist: that their faith is some­thing they ne­glected for so long; but, be­cause of the shar­ings, they find them­selves pray­ing so hard again and be­liev­ing that they, too, will sur­vive their life’s strug­gles. We truly have one amaz­ing God! He uses all of us as in­stru­ments to bring some com­fort and heal­ing to each other so that we may be­come even closer to Him.

I have never trusted only in my own power. I know that what I have and what hap­pens to me are all a part of God’s master­ful de­sign. He sees the big­ger pic­ture, which my frail hu­man mind can­not. For now, I can only hold onto hope. I also feel ter­ri­fied, scared, sad, an­gry, and in­sert other neg­a­tive emo­tions here. But, from the time since this hap­pened, ev­ery sin­gle mo­ment when I feel as if I have reached rock bot­tom, He has sent an­gels in the form of hu­mans to help lift me up.

Why? Be­cause He can. If He brings you to it, He also be­lieves in you and your ca­pac­ity to get through it. I take lead from my dear hus­band, who in spite of his mul­ti­ple in­juries, still man­ages to whis­per a thank you to all the med­i­cal staff that at­tends to him when they bring him meds. Do not look for what’s not there but fo­cus on what is ac­tu­ally right there in front of you.

MY HUS­BAND and I with his fam­ily who flew in from the East Coast to give us sup­port. He had 2 brain surg­eries, one fa­cial re­con­struc­tive surgery, surgery on his leg to take out de­bris, and a pro­ce­dure on his shoul­der to fix dis­lo­ca­tion.

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