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T wasn’t un­til yes­ter­day that I again took no­tice of the change that’s been hap­pen­ing in the city-the ban­ning of the usage of plas­tic bags.

I was walk­ing in the streets of Co­gon Mar­ket, on my way to the jeep­ney ter­mi­nal when I no­ticed the sight of buy­ers bring­ing with them eco bags. This could re­ally get your at­ten­tion, since plas­tic bags are what we have been us­ing for the long­est time to con­tain and trans­port prod­ucts. Although this is not a to­tal ban of cel­lo­phane usage, the pro­hi­bi­tion of com­mon plas­tic bags is a great ef­fort to start the year right.

So, we ask our­selves this ques­tion, why is there a need to ban the use of plas­tic bags?

A plas­tic bag takes 1000 years to de­com­pose. Dur­ing its de­com­po­si­tion it breaks into lit­tle par­ti­cles that go down the earth, which in re­turn con­tam­i­nates our food and drink.

Plas­tic bags usu­ally weight light, which makes it easy to travel in long dis­tances and in re­turn pol­lutes both land and water.

Plas­tic bags are made of polypro­line, a ma­te­rial that uses both petroleum and nat­u­ral gas, which are non­re­new­able fos­sil fuel-based ma­te­ri­als. Green house gases are formed through its ex­trac­tion and pro­duc­tion which then con­trib­utes to global warm­ing.

It harms both wild and ma­rine life. Plas­tics can be mis­taken for food by an­i­mals. Once in­gested, can no longer be di­gested thus it stays on the gut of the an­i­mal.

Plas­tic af­fects hu­man health. Chem­i­cals that are added in it can be ab­sorbed by our bod­ies and it can pos­si­bly af­fect us.

Drainage sys­tems can also get clogged by plas­tic bags.

These are just some of the ef­fects of the con­tin­u­ous use of plas­tic in our en­vi­ron­ment. These are even just to name a few.


I was cring­ing, while writ­ing and do­ing my re­search for this ar­ti­cle. This made me pon­der how much plas­tics has harmed our en­vi­ron­ment, and its time to put this re­al­iza­tion into ac­tion. Let’s start with small steps in keep­ing our en­vi­ron­ment clean.

Hope­fully, this city or­di­nance on plas­tic ban­ning will last and will not just be an­other pro­ject that will fade away through time. Fingers crossed.



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