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IF ALL or­ga­nized re­li­gions are re­ally be­hav­ing like “true re­li­gions,” our world would have been a bet­ter place. But all or­ga­nized re­li­gions are in­dif­fer­ent to the ills of the world. They are all complacent with their wealth and are amass­ing more.

They want peo­ple’s suf­fer­ings to con­tinue so that they will al­ways pray in churches and con­trib­ute money. If all re­li­gions are re­ally sin­cere to make the world a bet­ter place, we would have been bet­ter off 500 years ago.

But peo­ple’s minds were fed with false teach­ings and be­came neg­a­tive, believ­ing that Utopia can­not be achieved. We know that poverty is the worst cause of un­rest in any so­ci­ety that threat­ens world peace. The best pur­pose for a per­son to join any re­li­gion is to make the world a bet­ter place for all in­hab­i­tants. But with or with­out re­li­gion, that is the duty of ev­ery per­son.

That’s why “true re­li­gion” was de­fined in the Bi­ble, in James 1:27 (Je­sus’s brother wrote it), and in or­der to fit the def­i­ni­tion, any re­li­gion should aim to elim­i­nate poverty and in­spire and en­cour­age pu­rity for all mankind.

There should be no hypocrisy in any re­li­gion. Hypocrisy came from Sa­tan.

You join a re­li­gion be­cause you love God and your fel­low crea­tures of God. You should not make re­li­gion a ve­hi­cle to amass wealth. All money col­lected by any re­li­gion should be spent to elim­i­nate poverty. —Chito E. Ger­mino

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