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Here is a list of top 10 pho­bias or a strong fear. Is your hair-rais­ing en­counter with creepy crawlies on the list? Find out (from pho­bia-fear-re­

1. Arachno­pho­bia; fear of spi­ders. Half of women and 10 per­cent of men have a fear of spi­ders.

2. So­cial pho­bia; fear of be­ing eval­u­ated neg­a­tively in so­cial sit­u­a­tions. This fear be­gins in child­hood or teens. 3. Aero­pho­bia; fear of fly­ing. 4. Ago­ra­pho­bia in­volves ex­treme fear of sit­u­a­tion where es­cape might be com­pli­cated.

5. Claus­tro­pho­bia; fear of be­ing trapped in small con­fined spaces. 6. Acro­pho­bia; fear of heights. 7. Eme­to­pho­bia; fear of vomit. 8. Car­cino­pho­bia; fear of cancer. 9. Bron­to­pho­bia; fear of thun­der­storms. 10. Ne­cro­pho­bia; fear of death or or dead things.

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