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A modern take on architectu­re

- By Ana Melissa Ortiz Foto by Jonolin Luab

“Architectu­re and art are as important as the air we breathe because it betters our soul,” Architect Alex Medalla said of architectu­re.

A passionate artist and modernist, Alex is true to himself. Being a modernist means being honest in expression and also striking a balance in design with God-given resources. Modernism is more than just going against the grain.

Architect Medalla has been in the industry for around 30 years. He studied at the University of San Carlos, but got firsthand experience from the school of hard knocks when he worked for Rococo Design Architects and under the mentorship of T.C. Yuen in Hong Kong. This gave him a conviction for integrity and excellence especially when it comes to design.

However, his fire started early. He already had a penchant for the arts and crafts growing up with a renaissanc­e man as a father. Alex worked with his hands building model sailboats and other stuff with him. His father instilled in him a passion for crafts and this somehow translated to detailing and getting things done in architectu­re.

Design expertise

Alex is the design principal of ARKinamix, a firm he and his wife Janet started in 1997. Modern, progressiv­e, and timeless architectu­re is what ARKinamix is all about. They use research and context in addressing issues as honestly as possible. The firm’s directions are highly intuitive and born out of constant study, travel, experiment­ation, and observatio­n.

The physical manifestat­ions of their designs are basic expression­s of lightness, tension, line continuity, and overlappin­g planes. Their designs follow the basic principles of balance and harmony in order to satisfy the architectu­ral tenets of utility, structure, and beauty. Through their design expertise, ARKinamix won the Cebu Megadome Design Competitio­n in 2003.

Alex is currently heading ARKinamix in building Tambuli Seaside Living, a residentia­l resort developmen­t. They are also working on a mix of projects ranging from residentia­l, hospitalit­y, and commercial.

Passion and purpose

Architect Alex Medalla is passionate about his craft and of the purpose behind architectu­re. He is living and breathing his art. He believes that true architectu­re aspires to be on a higher plane that’s beyond beauty, structure, and utility. Architectu­re should also touch lives.

“It serves a more noble purpose of improving people’s lives, both for the user and the observer,” he noted.

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